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Appeared at the conference of science creators to elaborate on the new perspective of the application of scene technology.

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On December 17, 2023, the fourth CCTI Chinese Science Creator Conference was successfully held in Hangzhou. CCTI Science Creator Conference is a science and technology creation knowledge event built by Halo International under the background of science creation, deeply focusing on the R & D industry chain and science creator ecosystem, advocating and promoting the development of new management, new technology and new knowledge in the field of science creation, leading the majority of science creators. With the theme of "Scientific Innovation Unbounded Digital Symbiosis", this conference aims to explore how to successfully carry out digital transformation and seize new opportunities to create new achievements under the background of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the accelerated evolution of industrial change.

Mr. Zhu Junhua was invited to attend the event, which injected a touch of strong scientific and technological innovation into the whole event. In this high-profile event, Mr. Zhu Junhua, relying on his rich experience and excellent insights, presented a profound and wonderful sharing to the participants. Aiming at the theme "born by product, live by product-scene-driven product design and operation", this paper deeply discusses the application of scene design in practical cases. Through the accurate analysis of the user usage scene, Mr. Zhu Junhua explained how to better carry out product development, so as to better meet the needs of users.

At the scene of the meeting, Mr. Zhu Junhua took the sweeping duck sweep company as an actual example, and he pointed out that sweeping duck sweeping vividly illustrates the successful practice of taking the scene as the core concept. The key to the success of duck sweep lies in a deep understanding of the user's use scene and the ingenious combination of product design and user needs. This deep integration makes sweeping duck sweeping products not only a simple tool, but also a right-hand man close to users' lives and solving actual needs, providing users with a more intelligent and convenient experience.

An excellent product manager often has a deep understanding of the actual scene needs of users, and skillfully integrates users' pain point needs with innovation through accurate product design and strategic planning. Sweep duck sweep as a typical scene-driven enterprise, through the two-way integration of platform, merchants and consumers with cash red packets first, build a new type of merchant flow integration channel under the new consumption background, with a unique new consumption scene, to provide consumers with a cool and direct new consumer shopping experience, this innovative design concept has become one of the keys for them to stand out in the market.

Mr. Zhu Junhua's sharing is not only a summary of past successful experiences, but also a deep reflection on product design and operation, as well as an in-depth exposition on the future development of the industry. He called on enterprises to maintain sensitivity to user scenarios when facing fierce market competition, and to create a more intimate and convenient experience for users by constantly optimizing products and services. This is not only a suggestion for the industry, but also provides valuable experience and inspiration for the scientific creators present here to guide them to better adapt to the rapidly changing market environment and meet the challenges of the future.

At the CCTI China Science Creator Conference, Mr. Zhu Junhua's sharing undoubtedly ignited the participants' enthusiasm for the design and operation of scene-driven products. Through practical actions, he shows that through the scenario-driven enterprises can not only better understand the needs of users, but also stand out in the fierce market competition and achieve sustainable innovation and development. This sharing provides practical experience for the creators here and stimulates their interest in the exploration and application of scene-driven models.

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