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The first Hongmeng Zhaopin electric power bike: Huawei Zhixuan Xidesheng "Urban cyclists" released, 6999 yuan

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Thanks to netizens IT Water from the sky, Shenzhen pretty boy's clue delivery!, December 13 (Xinhua)-- HarmonyOS Connect (Hongmeng Zhaopin) is Huawei's open environment for smart hardware in the consumer field, and has reached cooperation with several categories of products.

The first Hongmeng Zhilian electric bike, released on December 12, is an "urban cyclist" Huawei Zhixuan Xidesheng intelligent electric bike, according to Baoan Daily.

From the styling point of view, the car uses a simple design, with front and rear disc brakes, the official claim that the frame is made of aviation X6 aluminum alloy, and the use of integrated butt-welding process, the appearance of the frame without any welding joints.

According to reports, the car is equipped with Xidesheng high-precision torque sensor and double closed-loop kinetic energy controller, and fully supports Hongmeng Intelligence. It is also the first electric bicycle in the industry to support Hongmeng Zhaopin 4G package.

The bike can reach 00:00 extended force response, claims to be able to accurately collect tread force, smooth power output, fast charging and long mileage, with a range of up to 40 km in pure electric mode and 90 km in first-gear assist mode. The navigation, heart rate and incoming call information on the mobile phone can also be transferred to the body screen.

Huawei wisely selected Xidesheng "Urban Cycler" with a price of 6999 yuan, and has not yet found the information on the model on the e-commerce platform.

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