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Tencent released the self-developed bullet screen engine "core Rubik's cube": used for ghosts blowing lights "Nanhai return to the ruins", following the plot to change the special effects

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Microsoft Lumia for the clue delivery!, December 6 news, in the ghost blowing lantern IP adaptation of the "South China Sea ruins" drama episode 10, Iron Triangle and others were involved in the ruins, and Tencent Video interface barrage was also "sucked" into.

According to Tencent Video's official introduction, this is the "core Rubik's cube" of Tencent's self-developed on-screen comment engine. The image algorithm AI model ensures a high degree of agreement between the on-screen effect and the content of the screen, and can achieve the effect of simulating the scene.

"Core Rubik's Cube" can realize the special effects of particles on the bullet screen, the dynamic effect of the bullet screen, the text deformation of the bullet screen, the dynamic collision of the bullet screen and so on, such as ocean current barrage, bloodstained barrage, climbing barrage and competitive barrage.

In April this year, Tencent applied for a patent to display special effects on screen comments based on video content. According to the patent summary, the application discloses a display method, a device, a device, a medium and a program product of a bullet screen, belonging to the field of multimedia broadcasting. The attached intention of is as follows:

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