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Sharp's 100-inch new TV exposure giant screen TV camp will add weight to the product.

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According to the data of 11.11 this year, the turnover of 100inch giant screen televisions has increased sevenfold compared with the same period last year. As the standard size of giant screen televisions, 100inch televisions are favored by more and more users. Because the pursuit of visual enjoyment is becoming more and more extreme, giant screen televisions with high comprehensive quality, such as picture quality, clarity, sound quality and refresh rate, are gradually sought after by more and more high-end users and become synonymous with "audio-visual feast".

It is reported that Sharp is about to launch a 100-inch high-end giant screen TV product with ultra-high refresh rate of 288Hz. As a representative of high-quality screen TV brands, it is believed that Sharp's giant screen TV products will also become the new focus of the ultimate audio-visual experience in audio-visual entertainment.

The first impression of a 100-inch giant screen TV must be the shock of the big screen. If it translates to a display area of 100 inches, it is about 27500cm ², which is equivalent to 4 50-inch televisions, 223 6.7-inch mobile phones and 35 14-inch laptops. The 100-inch TV is more than 2 meters long and nearly 1.4 meters high, which is about the size of a standard double bed. With such a large size, the 100-inch giant screen TV can provide a huge sense of screen encirclement and bring a top immersive visual experience.

At present, most of the mainstream high-brush TVs on the market are 120Hz and 144Hz refresh rates, while Sharp's 100-inch giant screen TV has achieved the ultra-high refresh rate of 288Hz. In order to meet such a high refresh rate, hardware requirements must be high standards. Full blood version of HDMI2.1, VRR variable refresh rate and ALLM automatic low latency are naturally out of the question.

Giant screen TV first brings people a huge visual impact, so the picture quality experience is also the top priority. In addition to Sharp's excellent screen quality as the foundation, it is believed that Dolby panoramic sound and Dolby horizon, which are essential for high-end TV, will not be absent.

It is worth noting that because of the large size of the 100-inch giant screen TV, there are certain requirements for household installation of the product. If the giant screen TV has been included in the plan, you must pay attention to consider the corresponding size of your elevator bridge box, corridor corner and door according to the actual size of the TV product, so as to ensure that the TV can be safely passed and installed. It is understood that Sharp can provide free pre-sales exploration for each 100-inch TV user and can be consulted through Sharp's customer service hotline at 400,898-1818.

A good giant screen TV brings users not only a rich sense of immersion, presence and visual experience, but also an excellent window to experience the world when multimedia content is in full bloom today. Users' expectation for giant screen TV is not only the increase in size, but also how to feel the "leapfrog" audio-visual feast after stepping onto a larger ladder. Hope that Sharp's 100-inch giant screen TV will bring us more surprises when it is officially launched.

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