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Weilaibi Road: the ET9 model will adopt a 900V high voltage architecture that breaks through the industry ceiling, which will be released on December 23.

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Shulou( Report-- December 20 news, Xilai Electric Drive and High Voltage Systems Assistant Vice President Bi Lu said on personal Weibo that Xilai ET9 will adopt a "900V" high voltage architecture that breaks through the industry limit. Previously, it has been confirmed that the car will be released at the NIO Day event on December 23.

Bi Lu said that the adoption of the 900V architecture means that faster charging performance can be achieved on the premise of further weight loss of the high-voltage wire harness in the car. Combined with the electricity exchange system of Weilai, the best scheme of comprehensive energy replenishment experience is created. At the same time, on the brand-new intelligent electric drive platform, the weight and volume of the motor are further reduced, and a number of "cool techs" are used in the product design to achieve higher power density.

Bi Lu added that combined with a more safe and reliable high-voltage distribution safety redundancy architecture and a front and rear dual-motor power redundancy system, as well as Wei's big data system and intelligent control algorithm, it can also make real-time online diagnosis of the health status of the 900V electric drive system, and constantly optimize and match the control parameters combined with users' driving habits to ensure efficient, safe and reliable power output.

In the previous warm-up, Xiao Baihong, head of Lulai automotive application software, posted on Weibo, announcing that the new flagship administrative car, ET9, will be equipped with a fully-controlled smart chassis.

According to reports, the "brain" of the full-line control intelligent chassis carried by the Ulai ET9 evolved into a VMC intelligent computing platform, realizing soft-hard decoupling, flexible deployment combined with Tianshu SkyOS support, expanding new functions and new on-line control hardware, connecting AD intelligent driving on and off, and integrating drive system, braking system, steering system, active suspension and other on-line control hardware.

In addition, because VMC is data-driven, the full-line control intelligent chassis has the ability to evolve, iterate and grow. noted that there are only three days to go before the debut of ET9, and the appearance of the new car has not yet been announced.

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