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From 3999 yuan! Come to to participate in the pre-sale of Nubian Z60 Ultra and enjoy a maximum subsidy of 1500 yuan.

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All-round, better understanding of images. On December 19, Nubian Z60 Ultra was officially released, starting at 4299 yuan, among which 12GB +256GB version Jingdong brought limited-time benefits, with a reduction of 300 yuan and a purchase price of 3999 yuan. It will be officially launched at 10:00 on December 26. Nubia Z60 Ultra is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, 6000mAh silicon carbon negative battery, 5th generation UDC full screen, high-definition optical three-main camera, three-OIS all-optical image stabilization, experience comprehensive upgrade. It is worth mentioning that Jingdong cooperates with Nubia to exclusively open Z60 Ultra new products in stock for early purchase. The first step is to start selling in limited quantity. Consumers can place orders in Jingdong after the release conference. It is expected that the new products will arrive the next day as soon as possible. In addition, Jingdong also appeared at the Nubian Z60 Ultra launch conference site, bringing exclusive benefits to consumers.

Since the strategic cooperation between Jingdong and Nubia in 2013, relying on its strong supply chain advantages, Jingdong has given new product launch assistance through marketing co-creation, differentiated service and omni-channel capability, and at the same time brought new products to consumers in the first time. Since 2022, a number of Nubian new products have been released in Jingdong and achieved good results, such as Z40 Pro, Z40S Pro, Z50, Z50 Ultra, Z50S Pro, etc. During Jingdong's 11.11 period this year, Nubian turnover increased by 230% year-on-year. For this Nubian Z60 Ultra new product, Jingdong is also a joint Nubian landing "one step ahead" plan, aiming to provide users with the ultimate new product purchase service experience and exclusive rights and interests at the launch stage of new products, including limited new products delivered in advance. According to the data, as of 16 o 'clock on December 19, Nubia Z60 Ultra ranked first in real-time sales volume of Jingdong Android phones, and Jingdong's pre-sale volume was 6 times that of Nubia Z50 Ultra in the same period.

On the site of Nubian Z60 Ultra launch conference, Jingdong said that both parties have paid close attention to the core demands of consumers for many years, and constantly optimized the product and service experience from the real use scene of users. It is also under the continuous efforts of both parties that the Nubian market recognition is getting higher and higher, and the number of fans and product sales of Nubian Jingdong stores are also rising linearly.

At present, Nubian Z60 Ultra Jingdong has started pre-sale synchronously. The 12GB +256GB version of Jingdong enjoys limited-time welfare. After the release of new products on December 19 to 9:59:59 on December 26, the pre-sale price will be reduced by 300 yuan, and the purchase price will be 3999 yuan. You can also enjoy 24 periods of interest-free, 1500 yuan for old ones, limited Bluetooth headphones, 1 year of broken screen insurance, PLUS members will receive 2 years of unlimited battery replacement, students will receive limited charging treasure, and old users will receive QQ concert cards when placing orders.

Nubia Z60 Ultra equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, superior performance, equipped with 6000mAh large battery, worry-free life. In terms of screen, Nubia Z60 Ultra is equipped with the fifth generation brand-new UDC full screen, with independent UDC Ultra screen display chip, using brand-new BOE Q9 + light-emitting material, the viewing experience is improved. In terms of design, Nubia Z60 Ultra is inspired by isomorphic universe space. The post-shooting infinite design extends the image function area to the edge of the mobile phone. The middle frame adopts space-grade metal material, bringing three colors of Star Light, Galaxy and Star Collection Edition. Among them, Star Collection Edition adopts exclusive naked-eye 3D star diamond embossed, matched with high-resolution starry sky micro-etching process to restore the starry sky texture. In terms of images, Nubian Z60 Ultra is equipped with Nubian NeoVision Taishan mobile imaging system with three-main camera full customization and three-OIS full anti-shake. 18mm starry sky main camera +35mm humanities main camera +85mm periscope telephoto main camera covers more shooting scenes, including 50 megapixel main camera wide-angle lens, equipped with 1/1.55-inch sensor, f / 1.8 large aperture, eight-line suspension stabilization motor, There are also vertical image AI large models to make the imaging system more powerful. Nubian Z60 Ultra brings twelve starry sky algorithms to consumers. Galaxy night scene algorithm optimizes the bottom layer and adjusts the effect for the first time on ultra-wide angle. It has a variety of starry sky color styles such as "colorful" and "blue," supports starry sky time-lapse photography, and takes high-quality starry sky photos.

If you want to experience the excellent performance of Nubian Z60 Ultra earlier, come to Jingdong to participate in the "first step" plan, place an order immediately, and receive the new machine in stock as soon as possible.

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