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The French branch of the 2023 haijiao fair and the opening ceremony of the Sino-French Youth Dream Project were held in Paris.

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China overseas Talent Exchange Conference and Guangzhou Science and Technology Exchange Conference for Chinese overseas students (hereinafter referred to as haijiaohui), formerly known as Guangzhou Science and Technology Exchange for Chinese overseas students (referred to as overseas Exchange), was founded in Guangzhou in 1998. It has received strong support from various ministries and commissions for more than 20 years. The 2023 haijiaohui will be held in Guangzhou from December 22 to 23.

On December 17, 2023, the opening ceremony of the 2023 haijiao    France branch venue and Sino-French Youth Mengxi Project was successfully held in Paris, France, sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the 2023 haijiao Fair, Guangzhou Science and Technology Finance Group Co., Ltd. and the all-French Chinese Youth Science and Technology Innovation Association. This event attracted more than 100 young students and scholars interested in innovation and entrepreneurship in France, and invited representatives of professional associations in France, successful entrepreneurs in China and France, and representatives of the Sino-French Venture Capital Fund to exchange views with young entrepreneurs.

At the same time, the event has received strong support from many famous French universities, including HEC, ESSEC, ESCP, Science Po, Universidad Polytechnic de Paris, Sorbonne University and the three major federations of Paris.

With the theme of "gathering Global    to create the Future" and taking the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the haijiaohui (Liufao Fair) as an opportunity, the haijiaohui has issued a sincere invitation to the world to "gather talents from friends at sea". The French branch venue focuses on the Sino-French talent exchange and science and technology incubation camp project with the theme of "   Innovation Enablement". This sub-venue activity is committed to promoting exchanges and dialogue between high-end talents of China and France, demonstrating the achievements of young people in scientific and technological entrepreneurship between the two countries, promoting the docking of scientific and technological resources between China and France, and welcoming the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France.

The event was presided over by Wang Xuelu, secretary-general of the all-French China Youth Science and Innovation Association. At the beginning of the event, the organizing committee of the haijiaohui conference announced the basic situation of the conference in the form of video, and issued an invitation to the innovative and entrepreneurial talents present. As the "No. 1 Brand for the Exchange of Chinese overseas students", since its establishment in 1998, a large number of overseas talents have embarked on the journey of returning home, innovation, entrepreneurship and pursuing the dream of scientific research through the conference platform. According to incomplete statistics, the Shanghai Fair has attracted a total of 50,000 high-level talents from more than 140 countries (regions) around the world. Through diversified forms of activities, the conference is committed to promoting international talent exchange and scientific and technological cooperation, and has built a platform for mutual understanding, communication and exchange for the vast number of domestic demand units and overseas high-level talents.

Subsequently, three industry predecessors brought a wonderful sharing: Mr. Ni Jincheng, senior expert of the French Strategy and Prospect General Administration of the French Prime Minister's Office and honorary president of the China Association of Travel French Engineers, led the participants to understand the French 2030 plan. this paper expounds the prospects of China and France in the field of scientific innovation in the future, and sends a message to young entrepreneurs to take advantage of their youth. Mr. CSO    Li Jia, co-founder of Philips's medical-grade artificial intelligence and cloud technology diagnosis heart disease company Cardiologs, describes the three elements of entrepreneurship from his own perspective, and answers everyone's confusion about how to combine technology with business and how to choose a good partner. Mr. Fan Qianjun, founder and CEO    of Fang Yuanshili, a famous fresh e-commerce brand in Europe, as a continuous entrepreneur, shared his mental experience of trying different entrepreneurial projects from the first perspective, and encouraged young entrepreneurs to seek more advice from their predecessors and dare to ask questions and avoid pitfalls.

Wang Xiaozhen, president of the all-French Chinese Youth Science and Innovation Association, then presided over the opening ceremony of the "Mengxi Project," a Sino-French youth science and technology incubation camp, introducing in detail the origin, structure, registration rules and selection methods of the incubation camp, and unveiled the Mengxi project. As an attempt to cultivate the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of young people in France, the Mengxi Project is committed to providing a mass entrepreneurship and innovation exchange and exhibition stage for aspiring young people in France to help outstanding entrepreneurial projects and potential entrepreneurial talents take the first step from scratch. Subsequently, more than a dozen entrepreneurial project leaders shared their entrepreneurial ideas in the form of an one-minute "elevator speech" and sent team invitations to other members present. The first phase of the Mengxi project will be officially launched in early January.

The haijiaohui has built a communication bridge for the young people of science and technology between China and France, and provided a platform for in-depth exchanges for guests, entrepreneurs and young scholars. participants have given likes to the haijiaohui and Mengxi project. The young people studying in France had a good time in a relaxed social atmosphere and wrote down their best wishes on the message board.

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