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Efficient preparation for exams Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE helps you get good grades at the end of term

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With less than a month to go before the final exam, it's time for students to start sprinting towards the final. As the saying goes, if you want to do good work, you must first sharpen its tools. If you want to improve your test results by leaps and bounds, a scientific and reasonable learning method is very important. Here, the editor also recommends some tips to improve your academic performance, as well as an excellent learning aid Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series tablet PC. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

Tip 1: make your knowledge more solid through Cornell's note-taking

Learning without thinking is labor lost, and thinking without learning is perilous. Only by realizing the two-way flow of learning and thinking, can we learn the knowledge alive and thoroughly, and the value of notes lies in this. In the actual study, many students will only follow the classroom rhythm to record simply according to the text, resulting in knowledge only written on paper, but not integrated into their own thinking, such unsolid knowledge will often lead to the loss of scores in the exam. In this regard, Cornell's note-taking, which is used by many high achiever, is an excellent way to consolidate knowledge while taking notes.

Specifically, Cornell's note-taking is to replan the note-taking area that was originally simply used to record, and to record the summary and induction of the knowledge learned in class at the same time, so as to deepen the understanding. For example, we can use the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series and its standard S Pen stylus to use this learning method in the Samsung note-taking app built into the tablet.

Tip 2: use Samsung notes and S Pen to review the past and learn the new

On top of the Samsung notes, students can use S Pen, which is comparable to real writing, to record knowledge points in class at any time. The S Pen of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series not only supports 4096 pressure sensation, but also has the slender tip of 0.7mm, which can be sensitive to pen tip pressure and inclination in time, making writing more smooth. In addition, Samsung Notes also supports a wealth of note templates, and the content written by S Pen can be converted into text, which facilitates the carding and review of knowledge, thus achieving the learning effect of reviewing the old and learning the new and getting twice the result with half the effort.

If we want to make our notes more logical and clear, we can choose different types of notes and colors in Samsung notes, make a vein map of high-quality knowledge points full of "appearance", and mark out the important and difficult information through a fluorescent pen. in this way, we can methodically overcome the difficulties of preparing for the exam when reviewing. Not only that, with the help of the multi-task function of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series, it can also open three application windows up to the top of the big screen, so that you can read textbooks and organize notes while taking into account the learning needs such as checking materials, so that the review effect can be directly filled.

Tip 3: scientifically manage the learning process to improve the efficiency of knowledge absorption

According to psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus's research on the mechanism of memory and forgetting, after being exposed to new knowledge, the brain will forget most of the content in 20 minutes to a month or so. If you review these contents at the critical stage that you are about to forget, you can achieve a deeper memory effect.

In the face of those difficult test sites, you can set the time to review them in advance through the reminder app of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series, or through the calendar app, you can review the corresponding knowledge as part of your schedule one day in the future. At that time, the tablet will automatically remind us to review this knowledge, repeated memory so step by step, we can achieve the least effort and the best learning experience. Not only that, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series calendar can also help us effectively plan the rhythm of the review, as long as the daily study schedule is recorded, and the review can be carried out as planned.

Tomato learning method is also a highly efficient skill worth using for reference during the final review. Turn on the timer function of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series clock App and set a 25-minute focus time to make your efficiency soar in a short time and ensure a more focused review. And then set a 5-minute adjustment time through the timer after 25 minutes to temporarily empty the brain and restore the body's state. After this cycle for 4 times, set a rest time of about half an hour to fully realize the combination of work and rest. In this way, even when we are self-taught, we can plan the learning process scientifically and improve the efficiency of knowledge absorption.

Tip 4: choose a good learning atmosphere to improve your concentration

As an important part of review, a good learning atmosphere can improve efficiency. In order to block the interference, many students often go to relatively quiet places such as the study room or the library to concentrate on preparing for the exam. In the face of travel and long-time learning needs, the portable and battery-lasting advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series can play a role, allowing students to travel the sea of learning without pressure.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series has a slim and lightweight design, coupled with the IP68 class dustproof and waterproof and the durability given to the fuselage by a sturdy metal frame, which makes it possible to travel freely, even for girls. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series has built-in high 9800mAh (inventory value) high-capacity battery, coupled with support for 45W super-accelerated charging function, can quickly restore full power to the tablet, easily ensuring round-the-clock learning time.

Generally speaking, whether it is comparable to the real-writing S Pen stylus, the super practical Samsung notes, or many features to improve learning efficiency, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series can greatly meet the review needs of students. If you're still working on a review plan for the end of the term, or if you don't know how to start, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series will definitely help you find the best way to review efficiently.

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