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Lenovo Guan Xuan new generation savior game book: Y7000P-Y9000K four series

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Thanks to netizen Motorola Blade for lead delivery! December 20 news, Lenovo today officially announced a new generation of savior game book, the new Y7000P, Y 9000P, Y 9000X and Y 9000K four series will be released together.

Intel is expected to release the Core 14 HX series processor at CES in early January, when notebook manufacturers, including Lenovo, will launch notebooks equipped with the series.

Not long ago, the i9-14900HX processor has appeared on Geekbench, with a core frequency of up to 5.8GHz, 0.2GHz higher than the previous generation flagship model i9- 13980HX. i7-14700HX 8 large core + 12 small core, frequency up to 5.5GHz, compared with the previous generation increased by four small cores. learned from Lenovo that this time the game of salvation is not only a full series, but also a fast time to market.

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