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How about the Tianlong stereo? Home 350 gives users a high-quality listening experience

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With the outbreak of mobile Internet ecology, mobile phone has become the center of family entertainment, whether social or learning, drama or games, are all inseparable from the mobile phone. However, for people who pursue quality of life, especially ear-sensitive users, mobile phones can no longer meet their needs for high-quality listening, so they prefer high-end audio. As the world's leading manufacturer of high-end home entertainment and personal audio products, Tianlong Audio has won the recognition of users for its advanced technology and high-quality products. It has also become a problem that many consumers are considering at present.

Founded in 1910, Tianlong Audio is a century-old Japanese audio brand. Since its inception, it has been internationally renowned for its innovative and breakthrough products. It has launched a series of Home350 wireless intelligent audio, which can be described as an integrated home Hi-Fi solution with a combination of software and hardware, which is very suitable for users who pursue high-quality music. So, how does Tianlong Audio bring high-quality listening experience to users?

As the largest stereo in the Home family of Tianlong Audio, Home 350 uses a family design in appearance, dark gray fabric mask with silver trim, can be said to be a versatile design, regardless of the home environment is simple fashion style, or French retro style, Home 350 can be in harmony with its integration.

Tianlong Audio Home 350 also performs very well in terms of sound quality. It uses advanced acoustic design, expert-adjusted DSP and advanced units to ensure Hi-Fi-level sound quality. Its physical two-channel structure includes high, medium and low three loudspeakers, which can play stereo audio on a single station. In the performance of low frequency, the sense of quantity and texture are perfectly balanced, and there is no sense of turbidity even at high volume; the performance of high frequency is transparent and delicate, the resolution is excellent, and it can restore all kinds of overtones, which is not harsh; the performance of intermediate frequency is steady and solid, and the connection between high and low frequency is natural, and the rendering of human voice is just right.

At the same time, Tianlong Audio Home 350 also integrates all the beautiful music services, through Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy the endless music resources of many cloud music platforms and listen to your personal music collection to create the right atmosphere.

Generally speaking, Home 350 of Tianlong Audio is a streaming media audio with high performance-to-price ratio, which can not only be used as external audio of TV or computer, but also enjoy music and listen to streaming media radio. It has the strong strength of one enemy and more than one enemy, and this is precisely the important reason why Tianlong Audio stands out among many audio brands.

For more information about DENON Tianlong brand and more up-to-date information, please follow Weibo: DENON Tianlong; Wechat official account: DENON Tianlong, we will continue to push new products and music games for you. Look forward to your attention.

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