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Sony PSN Store "Holiday Limited offer" opens: games "God of War: the Gods Twilight" HK $323, "Dragon 7 among people" HK $223, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- December 20, Sony SIE announced today that the PSN store "holiday limited discount" has now been officially launched, some games "as low as 75% discount."

▲ Picture Source Sony PlayStation Store Store (the same below) officially announced that the first half of the event will be held from December 20, 2023 to January 5, 2024, and the second half will be held from January 3, 2024 to January 17, 2024. collates the discount game prices for the first half as follows.

"call of Duty: modern Warfare III 2023" Cross-generational Gift package of HK $383.6 (currently about RMB351)

The treasury version is HK $631.2 (currently about RMB578)

"EA SPORTS FC 24" Standard Edition HK $219.6 (currently about RMB201)

"God of War: the Gods Twilight" standard edition of HK $323.76 (currently about RMB296)

"NBA 2K24" Standard Edition HK $246.6 (currently about RMB226RMB)

The standard version of Dragon 7 among people is HK $223.5 (currently about RMB205)

Deluxe version of HK $238.5 (currently about RMB218)

The standard edition of the Alden Ring is HK $287.4 (currently about RMB263)

Deluxe version of HK $383.4 (currently about RMB351)

Wolong: the fall of the Heaven: the Standard Edition of HK $270.75 (currently about RMB248)

Deluxe version of HK $405.27 (currently about RMB371)

The standard version of "biochemical Evil 4: remaking" is HK $219 (currently about RMB 200)

Deluxe version of HK $283.86 (currently about RMB260)

Diablo 4 Standard Edition HK $329.4 (currently about RMB301)

Deluxe version of HK $425.4 (currently about RMB389)

The ultimate version is HK $473.4 (currently about RMB433)

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