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ZTE Router won the Golden selection Award and double material Award to show its outstanding strength.

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On December 19, the 9th China Smart Family Congress and Golden selection Award presentation ceremony, directed by the China Home Appliances Research Institute, was successfully held in Beijing. ZTE Router won the Golden selection Award "Technology Innovation Award of the year" and "Product Innovation Award of the year", demonstrating its outstanding strength again.

(Wang Dongyue, product manager of ZTE Smart Family, was invited to attend the award ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of the group.)

Pro + with double 2.5G network ports in the 300 yuan price range won the technical award.

ZTE Sky Survey AX3000Pro + won the Golden selection Award for technological Innovation of the year for its excellent hardware performance, high quality-to-price ratio and humanized e-sports network optimization.

The Sky Survey AX3000Pro + is equipped with dual 2.5G network ports, which improves theoretical transmission by 2.5 times compared with gigabit network ports. combined with five high-gain antennas and the third generation chip independently developed by ZTE, it provides users with a more high-quality full-house Wi-Fi experience. The product breaks down the price barrier of the industry, realizes the universal benefit of technology, and promotes the technological innovation and upgrading of the industry.

Innovative hanging wall receiving practical, beautiful and sunny wall routing won the innovation award

With its simple and ultra-thin design and strong performance, ZTE Qingtian wall routing won the 2023 Golden selection Award for Product Innovation of the year.

The sunny day wall routing breaks the user's inherent impression that the traditional router is low-looking and difficult to accept. The use of magnetic support design, can directly achieve wall storage, pure white appearance with delicate frosted texture, but also easier to integrate with a variety of household styles.

In terms of performance, the sunny wall routing uses five built-in antennas to achieve 360 °signal coverage, while supporting full-link hardware acceleration, stable and reliable.

This award is not only a recognition of ZTE router products, but also an affirmation of ZTE's professional ability and innovative spirit. In the future, it is hoped that ZTE will continue to work hard in the field of communications to provide consumers with better and smarter network services.

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