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Qroomamppac M report: third-tier cities and below have high consumption potential, and brands are looking for increments in fast hands.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 19, QuestMobile, a third-party data organization, released the Annual report on Core Trends of the Internet in China (2023), which makes a comprehensive analysis of the future development trend of the Internet with data and cases.

According to the report, the number of mobile Internet users in China has reached 1.224 billion, and the monthly contact time of users has been stable at about 160hours. As the catering, entertainment, tourism and other industries ushered in a full recovery, more and more brand companies have entered into short videos and live streaming, enhance the links with potential customers, and dig deep into the value of people in third-to fifth-tier cities has become a new trend of brand growth.

At present, users in third-tier and below cities show high consumption potential. According to QuestMobile data, in September 2023, first-tier cities accounted for only 1.7% of the growth of online users with high willingness to spend, while second-tier cities accounted for 29.1%, and third-tier and below cities accounted for 44.2%.

In September 2023, users in first-tier, new first-and second-tier cities accounted for nearly 40% of Kuaishou user profiles, while users in third-to fifth-tier cities and below accounted for 60% of users. This user group has high disposable income and strong willingness to spend, according to QswimM data.

In view of this trend, various platforms have adjusted and focused their business strategies. Take Kuaishou as an example, relying on the advantages of third-tier and below urban users, we have launched strategies such as "big brands and big subsidies" and "good goods at low prices" to guide e-commerce operations. after GMV exceeds one trillion yuan, it still maintains a high growth rate.

The marketing tools, crowd assets and consumption decision-making impact on young people provided by the short video platform promote brand enterprises to increase their marketing investment in Kuaishou and other new line crowd advantage platforms.

The platform side also further optimizes advertising tools and subsidy strategies, and launches "Magnetic Ark", "Sichuan flow Plan" and other enabling brands to grow, helping to tap the consumption potential of the new line market.

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