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Glory 90 GT destiny returns tomorrow night! Ultra-low latency touch to create a slippery game experience

2024-05-21 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

On December 20, Glory 90 GT official announcement will have ultra-low delay touch, operation more follow-up, let mobile game response record take the lead in entering the 2-digit era, game experience greatly upgraded.

Looking at the mobile phone market, the touch response milliseconds of most products are still stuck in 3 digits. This reaction speed has been able to meet the operational needs of ordinary users to play games. But for game enthusiasts or professional eSports players who are more in pursuit of the ultimate experience, the three-digit delay response may not keep up with the opponent's lightning-like operation speed, which often affects the outcome of a game in an instant. This time, Glory 90 GT greatly reduces touch delay, effectively improves the followability of fast operation and the sensitivity of continuous clicks, making the game experience more suitable for professional and extreme players 'needs.

Not only that, Glory 90 GT has been exposed in many aspects such as frame rate, image quality and so on. For example, in terms of frame rate, at present, the industry generally carries out frame rate test under the laboratory scenario of "0 load for half an hour," which is much less difficult than the real user use scenario. Glory 90 GT brings real frame rate improvement to players with full frame performance of "heavy load for 3 hours."

In terms of image quality, Glory 90 GT will "create a new benchmark for mobile game image quality," bringing the image quality experience of PC through the adjustment and polishing of chips. It is also worth noting that Glory 90 GT in the extraordinary frame engine black technology support,"both high quality, but also high frame rate," the actual performance is very expected. In addition, Glory 90 GT will also be equipped with Glory Oasis eye protection screen, this screen has 3840Hz UHF PWM dimming and numerous eye protection black technology, with a large industry-leading screen eye protection technology to bring professional eye protection to users.

There has always been a saying on the Internet that Glory GT series is a sincere product of "making friends." Such products are often not heavily publicized, but the funds are placed on research and development. Today's Glory 90 GT's superior performance also confirms this view. Glory also specially invited the well-known e-sports player Warm Sun to serve as the experience officer of Glory GT series products, deeply participating in the adjustment. The all-round upgrade of soft and hard synergy makes Glory 90 GT get better performance release.

It can be said that Glory 90 GT has achieved leapfrog upgrade in frame rate, image quality, touch and other aspects, which can be called a comprehensive performance of "performance hegemony." Especially with Glory 80 GT Pearl Jade in front and Glory 90 GT as the master, the strength is not too much. On December 21, Glory 90 GT is about to return to destiny, officially debut, for the pursuit of super performance, eager for the ultimate experience of players, Glory 90 GT not to miss!

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