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IGN summarizes the most disappointing works / events in 2023: starry Sky, Marvel Movie Universe, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- December 20, according to IGN editorial news, IGN USA summarized the most disappointing works / events of 2023, including "Starry Sky" and Marvel Movie Universe.

The game Starry Sky

Marvel movie universe

PS VR2 game lineup

The movie the Flash

The series "Secret invasion (Secret Invasion)"

The game "Hongxia Island"

Game "COD Modern Warfare 3"

The game "Qianlong spy film master collection Vol.01"

IGN says some of the largest and most respected companies in the video games and film industries have had some unfortunate moments this year, particularly Bethesda in video games and Marvel in film and television.

From the former we see "Starry Sky", which is not the open world space epic we all dream of, and "Hongxia Island" is very disappointing by any standard.

Marvel dramas such as Ant-Man and Hornet Girl: quantum Madness and Secret invasion also make us feel mundane, but perhaps what frustrates us most is the overall lack of direction in the fifth phase of the Marvel movie universe.

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