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Huawei ICT Open Source Industry and Ecological Development team unveiled at 2023 Open Atom developer Conference

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From December 16 to 17, the 2023 Open Atomic developers Conference was successfully held at Radisson Hotel in Lianghong Wetland, Wuxi. The current developer conference follows the principle of "co-building, co-governance and sharing", with the theme of "everything for developers", brings together cutting-edge open source talents, revolves around the technical dilemma of industry development, and conspires for targeted solutions. Huawei ICT open source industry and ecological development team unveiled at the conference to share unique insights in a number of sub-forums to demonstrate Huawei's open source style.

At the sub-forum on operating system technology innovation and development, Huawei security software technology expert Chen Xinping delivered a keynote speech on "operating system Security basic Middleware Technology Challenge and practice sharing". He said that in order to meet the two major cost doubling challenges of multi-password evolution and the application of new security algorithms, the root technology cipher suite openHiTLS came into being. By providing efficient agility, rich security functions, minimalist development of the whole scene, full scene deployment and other capabilities, we can achieve the evolution of multi-cipher suites and agile switching of efficient application of new algorithms. OpenHiTLS deeply explores the optimization of national secret algorithm performance and software cost, through the cooperative optimization of soft and hard algorithms to improve the performance of SM2 by more than 10 times, and through hierarchical decoupling of module layering characteristics and function tailoring combination to reduce the memory footprint of password secure storage algorithms to about 20KB. In the future, the community will embrace innovative technologies and continue to work on lightweight algorithm standards, full-stack functions, automated formal verification and post-quantum technology. Developers are welcome to join the community to create an open source password suite.

In openEuler Code Camp's keynote speech on "Deep Collaborative practice sharing of hardware and Software in Cloud Native scenarios", Chen Chuanyu, architect of Huawei ICT Open Source Industry and Ecological Development team, said that in the face of mature cloud native technology, larger cluster size and more complex application systems, how to improve system resource utilization and performance has become a new hot spot. The deep collaboration between cloud native and operating system and hardware will be the inevitable choice to improve the capacity and performance of the cluster. In the cloud native scenario, we have carried out technical exploration and achieved certain results in the aspects of automatic tuning of operating system kernel, offline business mixing and resource scheduling, encryption and decryption to KAE acceleration hardware, network traffic management sinking to the kernel, and so on. Facing the future, the team will continue to pursue the maximum release of computing power in the direction of load-aware acceleration, node feature awareness, hardware visualization, memory compression, memory overload, computing unloading and other technology. create a solid soft-hardware collaborative infrastructure base for cloud native scenarios.

In the sub-forum of open source governance and developer operation, Qi Baowei, chief community operating officer, chief expert of developer operation and technical expert of Huawei ICT open source industry and ecological development team, delivered a speech on "practice and thinking of developer relationship". He pointed out that the core of developer relationship is to build a bridge of two-way communication, on the one hand, to effectively convey the products, features and values within the company to developers. On the other hand, feedback and requirements need to be collected from external developers in order to identify problems and improve the product before product promotion, and this two-way communication helps to ensure that the product is highly compatible with the market demand. in order to enhance the competitiveness of the product and user experience. Qi Baowei said that he hopes to provide technical support to developers by improving the developer experience, building a technology brand with a vibrant community as the cornerstone, and preaching.

At the sub-forum of front-end development in AI era, Tu Xuhui, an expert in Huawei Web front-end technology, delivered a keynote speech entitled "practice and thinking of AI enabling front-end debugging in the new era". He said that AI is changing our development paradigm, and openInula is actively embracing the changes of the times, exploring various scenarios of AI enabling front-end, and improving front-end debugging efficiency by accessing large language models and combining program analysis technology. In the future, the openInula community will continue to explore more front-end development wisdom scenarios, infiltrate AI into the whole process of front-end development, and break down the technical barriers of AI to ordinary developers. Help developers experience the cutting edge of technological innovation more easily, bringing developers closer to AI. The community is in the semi-intelligent stage of AI-aided development, and the future vision is to achieve a new era of full-process and fully intelligent development. OpenInula will closely follow the law of the development of the times, in-depth study of AI enabling front-end technology, so as to build core technology competitiveness, committed to creating a new generation of full-scene intelligent front-end framework, and bring a new development experience for front-end developers.

Developers from all over the world gather here with enthusiasm and spend countless wonderful moments together. Huawei ICT open source industry and ecological development team listened to the voices of the community at this developer conference, and worked with developers in different fields to build a basic software prosperity ecology and grow with developers through the open source community.

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