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Microsoft admits that there is an Outlook email vulnerability in Win10/11, and hackers can use WAV audio files to execute code remotely

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Both vulnerabilities were discovered by Akamai, a security company that claims Microsoft created more vulnerabilities after fixing CVE-2023 - 23397 in March.

Akamai (the same below) noted that hackers can exploit CVE-2023 - 35384 vulnerability to send victims a "reminder" email with "notification sound". After receiving the letter, the system will download a specially crafted WAV audio file from the hacker's server.

After the victim receives a specific audio file, the hacker can exploit CVE-2023 - 36710 to trigger an integer overflow vulnerability in the system audio compression manager (ACM) through a specially crafted WAV audio file, thereby remotely executing arbitrary code.

The security firm noted that although Microsoft has fixed the vulnerability, hackers can still find new vulnerabilities from the attack surface and exploit them "because the attack surface of Outlook still exists."

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