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Huawei pay and UnionPay flash pay merge, double-click the power button to complete the payment

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Shulou( Report--, December 20, according to @ Huawei Terminal Cloud Services official blog, Huawei pay and UnionPay Cloud Flash are the first to merge and launch the online Cloud Flash Express version in Huawei Wallet App. Users can double-click the power button to pay once and support 3000 million merchants.

In addition, Cloud Flash App has been launched in version 10.0, bringing interface updates, new card management channels, and so on. The log attached to is as follows:

1. If the home page is installed in plain form, there will be a new harvest if you open it every day.

2. Use the discount as soon as you get it, pay for it and enjoy it non-stop

3. Card management brand-new channel, convenient management card, easy to worry and comprehensive

4. Wealth appreciation assistant will save money and make more money.

5. My new upgrade, everything is under control.

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