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Cainiao emergency logistics rushes to assist the earthquake-stricken areas in Gansu, and emergency transportation channels have been opened.

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On December 19, after the 6.2-magnitude earthquake in Jishishan, Gansu Province, Cainiao activated the emergency mechanism and joined with the China Red Cross Foundation and other organizations to carry out emergency supplies transportation and other work immediately.

Under the dispatch of the China Red Cross Foundation and the Zhejiang Youth Development Foundation, emergency logistics vehicles sent by Cainiao have set out from Chengdu, Tongxiang and other places, and joined airlines to distribute and transport through feeder lines, air transport, land transportation, and other materials to the earthquake-stricken areas in Gansu Province.

At present, Cainiao has opened emergency transportation channels for earthquake relief, as well as emergency materials procurement services. Organizations with relevant needs can contact and use it.

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