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It is reported that Apple Apple Watch Series 10 Watch will replace the connector design and is not compatible with all old straps.

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- Apple will launch a newly designed Apple Watch Series 10 watch in 2024, which may also be named Apple Watch X.

According to the X platform digital blogger Kosutami, Apple plans to replace the watch band connector design in Apple Watch Series 10, which is no longer compatible with the old watch strap. Note: Apple Apple Watch uses the same watch band connector from the original generation to the current Series 9, in which the "large" 42/44/45mm straps are compatible with each other, and the "small" 38/40/41mm straps are also compatible with each other. If the Kosutami message is true, including the old strap and all currently sold straps, it will no longer be compatible with Apple Watch Series 10.

▲ 's current Apple Watch strap is designed with "compatible" connectors and, according to previous Mark Goolman, the Apple Apple Watch Series 10 will be made of Micro-LED, available in 1.89in and 2.04in versions, and have two health monitoring functions, sleep apnea monitoring and insulin monitoring.

Goolman: Apple is expected to launch an Apple Watch Series 10 watch next year to monitor "sleep apnea" and "blood sugar readings".

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