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The rise of domestic operating systems: Tongxin UOS desktop version installed more than 6 million sets, the market share continues to maintain the first place

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 20, today, Tongxin held 2023 Tongxin UOS ecological conference, at the conference, the official release of Tongxin UOS installed capacity, the latest progress of UOS AI and other information.

Data show that Tongxin UOS desktop version so far the cumulative shipment volume of more than 6 million, the market share continues to maintain the first; server version shipments growth is the first in the industry. Note: Tongxin UOS system is divided into desktop version and server version, in which desktop version includes personal version, professional version and community version, while server version includes enterprise version, industry version and so on.

According to officials, the core and general business systems of 70 per cent of the party and government, 80 per cent of central state-owned enterprises, 65 per cent of ministries and commissions, 90 per cent of finance and 90 per cent of education are run on UniCredit UOS.

In terms of ecology, the number of software and hardware ecological adaptation of Tongxin UOS has exceeded 5 million, and the number of native applications has increased by 300%. It is said that Tongxin UOS takes the lead in the general market, the market scale of server operating system is increasing year by year, and the revenue growth rate of UniCredit UOS is 170%.

Officials said that Uni-Credit Software has established joint ecological laboratories with mainstream chip manufacturers such as Longxin, Feiteng, Haiguang, Mega Core, Shenwei and Intel, and reached deep cooperation with Kunpeng Computing to support 100 + models of main models from key machine manufacturers. achieve 100% compatibility adaptation and mutual certification for all machine models.

According to reports, there are a number of commonly used and practical software in the Tongxin UOS app store, including QQ, Wechat, Sogou Input, etc., as well as professional productivity software such as Zhongwang CAD.

UOS AI has now covered 90% of the mainstream open source models and AI framework, and jointly developed AI PC products with Intel, and released AI joint solutions with iFLYTEK, 360 and Baidu. It is said that more than 10 applications have been connected to UOS AI, including China's first self-developed IDE with AI code assistant and UOS AI API 1.0 for developers.

It is said that there are more than 130 partners in the UOS active Security Protection Program (UAPP), with a shared virus sample size exceeding 2.5 million, and a cumulative vulnerability repair of 3600UOS hardware compatible Certification system (UHQL) with a certification rate of more than 80% for domestic GPU.

In addition, the new UOS AI will also release the system desktop intelligent AI assistant, natural language operating system, covering more than 40 scenarios such as setting system functions, creating schedules, sending emails, and so on.

Uni-Credit also announced that it will make every effort to build a hierarchical support system for developers, launch a developer support program, promote the integration of industry, university and research, and train 1 million basic software and IT industry talents for the whole society in the next five years.

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