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Epic likes to add one: 16 companies to send the first bullet to reveal, the round-based tactical game "spell ronin"

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Thanks to netizen non-attack ink eyebrow clue delivery! December 21 news, with the "Christmas 16 days continuous delivery" open, Epic's second mystery game has been announced, the national zone is the turn-based tactical game "Spelldrifter", the other zone is the fighting game "Dungeon and Warrior: Duel (DNF Duel)"(lock country zone).

"Spell Wave Man" was sold on April 20,2021. The original price of the national area is 60 yuan, and the historical low is 12 yuan. It supports Chinese. At present, the favorable rating rate is 72%. reminds that this game was given free once on September 7 this year, this is the second time, users who have already received it before do not need to receive it again.

Here's a clue to Epic's third free game. There's no news yet about this game, so guess what.

DNF Duel was developed using the Unreal Engine, with 16 DNF players familiar with unique skills and personalities. In addition, it also integrated the unique mana system of Dungeon and Warrior, including online (ranking, individual), stand-alone (free mode, story mode, arcade mode, survival mode) and practice (training mode, tutorial mode) modes.

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