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Science and technology last night 1221 this morning the release of the world's top ten engineering achievements; WPS domestic personal version closed third-party commercial advertising; listed for 74 years, giant Toshiba delisted on December 20

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Hello, everyone. It's Thursday, December 21, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

1. WPS Office domestic personal version officially closed third-party commercial advertising Jinshan Office announced that from December 20, 2023, WPS Office domestic personal version will officially close third-party commercial advertising. Kingsoft Office said: "in recent years, we have been reducing advertising, and last year made up our mind to set up a big Flag-officially shut down third-party commercial advertising at the end of 2023." We are well aware that every achievement achieved today is inseparable from your support and company. We will uphold the company mission of "simple creation, easy expression and connection of value" to provide quality product and service experience for the majority of users. " > > View details

2. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Association organized interviews with iqiyi, and other three companies: adventure VR "clock in and return to the full" activity could not be realized. According to CCTV news, Beijing, Tianjin Consumer Association and Hebei Consumer Protection Commission recently jointly interviewed iqiyi, and Qingdao Dream blooming Technology Co., Ltd. Reported that last year, "iqiyi Adventure VR glasses" related parties organized promotional activities on platforms such as and Tmall, claiming that they would return to replace the gold card after signing in successfully, but some consumers reported that the gold card of the offspring of successful signing-in had been delayed. > > View details

3. Xiaomi car is coming? the "Xiaomi annual technology feast" will be held at the end of the month. According to the contribution of partners, the millet community will open the "Xiaomi annual technology feast" rice noodle recruitment. The event will be held from December 24 to December 29, and the specific date will be announced. Xiaomi officials have not yet released the details of the event. However, in terms of time, it coincides with the time of the previously revealed Xiaomi car press conference. > > View details

4. 2023 Global Top Ten Engineering Achievement release: ChatGPT, China Space Station, Huawei Hongmeng, etc. According to CCTV News client, the top 10 global engineering achievements in 2023 include: ChatGPT, China Space Station, 10 billion supercomputers, Baihetan Hydropower Station, double asteroid redirection test, RTS,S / AS01 malaria vaccine, Hongmeng operating system, Spot & Atlas robot, lithium-ion power battery, unmanned aerial vehicle. > > View details

The Japanese technology giant Toshiba, which has been listed for 74 years, delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange of Japan on December 20, local time. Toshiba, one of Japan's largest brands, has faced upheaval and scandals for more than a decade. At present, where the company can go in the future is still open to question. > > View details

On the evening of December 20, Chery's high-end new energy era ES model was officially announced on the market, with an official price range of 225800 to 339800 yuan. The is summarized as follows:

Air standard continued version 225800 yuan (400V 550km)

235800 yuan for Plus standard continued version (400V and 605km)

The long-lasting version of Max costs 269800 yuan (800V and 720km)

Max + extra-long flight version 299800 yuan (800V, 902km)

Ultra four-wheel drive performance version of 339800 CNY (800V focus 650km) > > View details

7. Moore Thread released v240.50.0.1 Community version driver: open HDR support to optimize the community version driver of several games released on December 20 with the version number v240.50.0.1. The new community version driver supports HDR display under the Windows 10 operating system. > > View details

8. Huawei pay and UnionPay flash pay converge. Double-click the power button to complete the payment. According to @ Huawei terminal cloud service official blog, Huawei pay and UnionPay flash pay are the first to merge, and the online cloud flash pay express version is launched in Huawei wallet App. Users can double-click the power button to pay once to activate the card, supporting 3000 million merchants. > > View details

9. According to the news, byte jump sales are expected to surpass Tencent in 2023, rising 30 per cent to $110 billion. According to market news obtained by Sina Finance, byte jump sales are expected to increase by 30 per cent to $110 billion (about 784.3 billion yuan) in 2023, surpassing Tencent. According to the Securities Times e Company on December 6, a source who spoke on condition of anonymity said that Byte Jump will buy back $5 billion worth of options from investors, and its IPO plan has not yet been determined. > > View details

10. The new version of Tencent QQ 9 is available online, and both iOS and Android versions have been updated and downloaded. Tencent QQ mobile version officially ushered in the update of QQ 9 version. At present, the official website has launched a new introduction page, with iOS version upgraded to 9.0.1 and Android version upgraded to 9.0.0. According to the official introduction of QQ 9, this version brings a "light and refreshing" interface, features such as close friends and mini-nests, free customization of online status, and online preview of group files, such as documents, PPT, etc. > > View details

11. BYD is involved in the AEB competition: test video exposure, achieve 130km/h brake and stop when the car company starts the AEB race, BYD AEB system test video is exposed. The test video obtained exclusively by Sina Technology shows that the U8, equipped with BYD's AEB system, achieves braking and braking in three scenarios: the static front car in the daytime 130km/h, the disappearing front car in the daytime 110km/h pair, and the static front car in the 110km/h pair at night. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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