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The game players of "Star" exceeded 13 million, and the average game duration was 40 hours.

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Thank you for the handwritten clues delivered by netizens!, December 21 (Bethesda Game Studios) reported today that since the release of Starry Sky on Sept. 6, the number of online players of the game has exceeded 13 million, with an average game time of more than 40 hours per player.

In the press release, Society B also announced the game update plan for 2024, saying that since February, the game will be updated regularly every six weeks, expand the city map, bring new ways of travel, etc., and provide official MOD support.

The team revealed that players will be able to further customize their game experience in the future, adjusting "carrying capacity, cargo passage distance, ship damage, supplier credit, new survival mechanism" and so on.

News agency B also announced that it will launch "broken Space", the first paid DLC-- for Star in 2024. The DLC will contain new story content, new locations and new equipment. Note: players who have bought the digital deluxe version of "Star" can get it for free.

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