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The first in the industry, TCL Huaxing successfully developed Δ E screen color accuracy enhancement technology.

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Shulou( Report-- December 21 news, screen supplier TCL Huaxing announced today that it has newly developed Δ E color accuracy enhancement technology, becoming the first company in the industry to achieve color alignment on the MNT module side.

▲ image source "TCL Huaxing" official account, the same as note: the degree of restoration of the original input color is an important standard to measure the performance of the display, affecting the final picture quality. The common index to quantify the difference between the display color and the original color standard of the input content is the Δ E (Delta-E) standard formulated by the International Commission on Lighting (CIE). The smaller the Δ E value, the higher the color accuracy.

Due to different fields of use, the original color standards of different inputs are often different. For example, sRGB is a general color standard, DCI-P3 is widely used in digital media and game industries, and Adobe RGB is mostly used in art design and professional photography.

▲ various color standards to meet the needs of users to restore the real world display scene, Δ E adjustment technology arises at the historic moment. By adjusting the screen piece by piece, adjust the color point of the screen to the standard point of the desired color, make its color closer to the real world, and bring advanced visual sense to the user.

TCL Huaxing said that after 2 years of unremitting efforts, the technical team successfully developed Δ E color accuracy upgrading technology, becoming the first company in the industry to achieve color alignment on the MNT module side.

According to reports, in view of the pain points and risks of high resources or poor results in traditional algorithms, TCL Huaxing put forward a new fusion algorithm-CGM IP, to achieve Δ E color accuracy "industry leading".

▲ TCL Huaxing self-developed CGM IP in mass production application, TCL Huaxing established a highly integrated picture quality debugging station. Based on the one-stop adjustment of Gamma and Δ E correction, the parallel adjustment algorithm and automation software are applied to achieve the purpose of efficient debugging.

In addition, through the optimization of design and the improvement of manufacturing process, TCL Huaxing provides a guarantee for panel OC / backlight LED and effectively controls the fluctuation of module color points.

The 32-inch UHD 240Hz display made by TCL Huaxing has successfully obtained the gold certification of Rhine high game performance.

▲ TCL Huaxing 32 inch UHD 240Hz R1000 Electric Competition screen

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