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Jiaming released NEO Bike Plus flagship intelligent fitness vehicle, which supports simulated road sense, slope and speed change.

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Thanks to netizens Hippophae rhamnoides for the clue delivery! December 21, Garmin Jiaming today announced the launch of the NEO Bike Plus flagship smart fitness car, which is expected to go on sale in early 2024.

According to reports, this is an intelligent exercise bike that is convenient for cycling at home, which claims to bring "real road sense, simulated slope and variable speed switching".

According to reports, NEO Bike Plus aims to achieve a more realistic indoor cycling experience through the training and guidance of Jiaming cycling ecology. NEO Bike Plus supports real-time speed, pedal frequency and power, and can be quickly adjusted to a suitable cycling posture to facilitate multiple family members to operate.

Customized SHIMANO, SRAM and Campagnolo transmission systems can simulate the shift feeling as long as they operate according to the shift habit.

When riding in pairs with compatible third-party applications, you can feel different road sensations such as cobblestone roads and gravel roads.

Dynamic inertia helps to maintain the feeling of riding forward according to speed and slope.

When connected to an external power supply, you can enjoy the grading experience through downhill simulation.

Automatically monitor the position of the left and right feet during the stampede, analyze the stampede data, and provide a more effective riding scheme.

In addition, the NEO Bike Plus can provide power measurement, speed and pedal frequency data with a deviation of less than 1%, as well as performance data; with a steady streamlined design, it can withstand a maximum power of up to 2200 watts. In addition, the exercise bike can simulate climbing training on a slope of 25%, increasing the intensity of indoor training.

The NEO Bike Plus can easily adjust each structure of the body to suit multiple users: it is equipped with five different crank lengths, and the seat tube and handlebars can be accurately adjusted to millimeters, adjusting to the same parameters as daily bicycles. In addition, the intelligent fan of the front can be intelligently adjusted according to the speed, power and heart rate when riding to form a wind integrated intelligent system.

Jiaming said that through the newly released Garmin Indoor Cycling App, the NEO Bike Plus can be upgraded to the latest version, and it also supports custom settings to track cycling data such as power, speed and pedal frequency.

Equipped with a 4.5-inch display and two USB charging ports, the NEO Bike Plus nose allows cyclists to gain an immersive experience through compatible third-party apps and even track performance on the Garmin Edge code table.

Scoppen Lin, deputy general manager of Marketing and Business in Jiaming Asia, said: "We are very pleased that NEO Bike Plus has brought innovation and upgrading in the field of cycling. Unlike the intelligent cycling platform sold earlier, NEO Bike Plus, as an integrated cycling equipment, has become one of the intelligent cycling equipment with both attractiveness and comfort. The car body can be adjusted flexibly, and the training parameters can be updated and set through Garmin Indoor Cycling App. You can experience the classic routes at home, climb to the top of the world, and achieve your own goals. "

Jiaming has not officially announced the price information of the car. The current price of the NEO 2T Smart intelligent cycling console is 12990 yuan for reference only. attached the parameter table:

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