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The 2300 change power station of Xilai Automobile is online: there are only 5 seats left from the completion of the "Thousand Station Plan".

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According to news on December 21, Lulai announced today that the 2300 exchange power station will be launched in the Jiuhuashan service area of the G3 Beijing-Taiwan Expressway (located in Anhui Province). A total of 995 new exchange power stations have been built this year, only 5 left from the previous "Thousand Station Plan."

Not long ago, on December 6, the 2200 Weilai power station was launched in the Wuwei service area of G30 Lianghuo Expressway, half a month apart.

As of today, 2300 replacement power stations have been built in Weilai, including 743 expressway replacement stations, 2077 overcharging stations and 9608 overcharging piles, 1481 destination charging stations and 11295 destination charging piles.

Shen Fei, vice president of Weilai Energy, posted on Weibo earlier this month, announcing that this year's 1000 power station has been shipped. "it's just delivery," he said later. "it's still 108000 miles away from completion. Try your best to finish it."

According to previous reports from, Li Bin, founder of Xilai Automobile, released the Thousand Station Plan in February this year, deciding to add 1000 new power stations in 2023 and build more than 2300 stations by the end of 2023.

Of the 1000 new stations, about 400 will be built in highway service areas or expressways; about 600 will be deployed in urban areas, focusing on third-and fourth-tier cities and counties with a certain user base and without power stations.

In mid-December this year, Li Bin said during the face-to-face event of the Lulai media that the rechargeable and upgradable energy system is the moat of the city. At the same time, he called on all car companies to study and observe which models are suitable for power exchange.

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