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The list of 2023 Technology Excellence Award was announced, Tianyi Cloud TeleDB database was honored on the list.

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Recently, the list of IT168 Technology Excellence Awards has been announced. Tianyi Cloud's self-developed TeleDB database has won the database technology excellence award for its advantages of high reliability, high availability, flexible expansion, automatic operation and maintenance.

The selection activities of the technological Excellence Award are sponsored by IT168 and ITPUB, with technological innovation driving industrial change as the core, well-known experts and users' evaluation as the reference basis, looking for new benchmarks and models to drive the development of the digital economy, and creating an innovation stage for a strong country in science and technology. This list is jointly selected by industry CIO / CTO celebrities, technical experts and IT media. Tianyi Cloud TeleDB Database is honored on the list, which is a full recognition of TeleDB database technology depth, influence, sustainability and market application in the industry.

In the era of big data, with the further promotion of digital transformation and the explosive growth of the amount of data, the demand of enterprises for databases is becoming more and more complex and diverse, promoting the accelerated innovation of database technology. Cloud native databases, converged databases and domestic databases have ushered in considerable development, which has played a huge role in promoting the industry. As a leading cloud service provider and national team in China, Tianyi Cloud responds positively to the needs of the development of digital economy, adheres to the leadership of scientific and technological innovation, continues to speed up the independent research of key core technologies, develops its own TeleDB database, and enables the digital transformation of thousands of industries.

After years of development, Tianyi Cloud TeleDB Database has gradually conquered the key database technologies, and launched a series of competitive database products in the technical direction of distributed database, HTAP database, cloud native database and domestic substitution, realizing the diversification of product ecology. At the same time, the database engine has developed from a single engine to supporting multiple database engines such as MySQL,PostgreSQL, and the product form has changed from internal self-use to supporting public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and other product forms, and the product capability has also developed from a single software product to a combination of software and hardware, disaster recovery, and multi-cloud resource management and control. It forms four core competencies: safety and reliability, extreme flexibility, financial grade high availability, and AP / TP mixed load.

In addition, Tianyi Yun has also comprehensively promoted the localization of the database, and has completed the adaptation with mainstream domestic chips, servers, and operating systems, and opened up the ability of full-link localization. Committed to building an open, inclusive and innovative independent controllable database ecology to promote the vigorous development of industry ecology.

With its leading technological advantages, Tianyi Cloud TeleDB Database has won a number of patents. At present, Tianyi Cloud TeleDB database series products are technologically autonomous and controllable, with the advantages of high reliability, high availability, flexible expansion, automatic operation and maintenance, and host the core IT system of China Telecom, helping China Telecom to become the first telecom operator to use domestic database at 100%, and mature in government affairs, Internet of things, new energy, medical and other industries.

With the continuous enrichment of digital scenes, enterprises need to choose a variety of types of databases to meet the needs of different business scenarios. In the future, Tianyi Yun will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve its own database products, and provide enterprises with omni-directional digital transformation solutions with better services.

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