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Integrated design + easy-to-use upgrade Lenovo releases a new edge super-fusion all-in-one machine

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Shulou( Report--

On December 19, Tianjin, Lenovo Group officially announced that Lenovo Wentian and Lenovo ThinkSystem fully support the fifth generation Intel ®Xeon ®scalable processors and release three new series of products. Among them, Lenovo Intelligent Edge Cloud V3.1 and Lenovo Edge Super Fusion all-in-one have become a highlight of this press conference. It can help the industry accelerate the intelligent transformation with lower business delay, higher service efficiency and lower comprehensive cost.

According to reports, Lenovo edge computing put forward the "super fusion +" strategy. Lenovo intelligent edge cloud adopts a new generation of scale-out software-defined super-fusion architecture, which integrates the general hardware units of CPU, memory, storage, network and virtualization software platform, and has no fixed central node. Its core concepts include linear scale-out, the integration of computing power and storage capacity. The super-converged architecture breaks the isolated boundary of traditional server, network and storage to achieve a unified HCI form.

Dang Yabin, director of Intelligent Edge Cloud products and Solutions of Lenovo's China Infrastructure Business Group and Intelligent Edge China Division, said that Lenovo is building a distributed, super-integrated, edge-native, lightweight and intelligent IT infrastructure for edge scenarios to provide customers with a more efficient, stable and secure service experience. Under this background, Lenovo Intelligent Edge Cloud V3.1 and Lenovo Edge Super Fusion all-in-one came into being. The brand-new Lenovo edge super-fusion all-in-one machine is a very competitive product based on the deep accumulation of Lenovo edge cloud in the field of edge computing, combined with Lenovo's self-research strength in the core hardware technology.

The newly released Lenovo Intelligent Edge Cloud V3.1 has many functions and performance enhancements based on the original, such as: support for multi-network access, cluster local multi-dimensional visual maintenance, enhanced security protection strategy, enhanced virtual machine cloning, backup recovery performance, application software-guided rapid deployment, etc., and supports three-node and single-node deployment.

Lenovo Edge Super Fusion all-in-one deeply integrates computing, storage, network and security functions, bringing users an unprecedented edge computing experience with excellent reliability and trustworthy quality. It can provide users with a full range of in-depth pre-integrated software and hardware solutions, and easily create an "edge intelligence" experience; in industry scenarios close to the edge, it can achieve "out of the box" and quickly complete data processing and analysis tasks. greatly improve the efficiency of data collection and processing.

This all-in-one machine is a "small and beautiful" solution tailored to diversified edge scenarios such as multi-branch business collaboration, video streaming, Internet of things and so on. It can not only meet the needs of customers' business to go online quickly, but also help enterprises to reduce costs, improve efficiency, achieve environmental protection and energy saving, and build low cost in batches and other core goals. It has the characteristics of high availability, minimal deployment, convenient management, safety and reliability.

Dang Yabin said that Lenovo Edge Super Fusion all-in-one is a well-crafted high availability solution for marginal scenarios. In the edge scenario with low business load, the deployment of single node or three nodes or above can significantly improve the disaster recovery and backup capability and ensure the continuous operation of the business. It also supports the hybrid choreography of virtual machines, containers and security containers to help enterprises achieve a smooth transition or application innovation.

In addition to excellent performance and flexibility, Lenovo Edge Super converged all-in-one also has a variety of network access capabilities to support 4G, 5G, WIFI and wired networks to ensure stable connectivity in a variety of network environments. Its convenient independent operation and maintenance function ensures business continuity in the event of network failure, and can quickly restore data synchronization.

In terms of deployment, Lenovo provides a pre-installed, pre-integrated one-stop solution to achieve minimalist deployment. For the distributed heterogeneous edge, the all-in-one machine provides intelligent remote management, while the hardware-level full-stack lightweight edge security design ensures that the edge environment with limited resources can also be fully guaranteed. Overall, it has five major advantages:

First, the components are modular, and modules are freely combined according to the scene to adapt to the application requirements of various deployment scenarios.

Second, delivery integration, the use of software and hardware pre-installation and verification, out of the box to achieve rapid business online requirements.

Third, the scene is diversified, using multi-product form, which can meet the deployment needs of indoor, outdoor, narrow space, man-machine coexistence, high temperature and high dust and other environmental deployment needs.

Fourth, the operation and maintenance is simplified, and the built-in visual operation and maintenance management module supports the integrated management and control of IT resources to meet the needs of local and remote real-time intelligent operation and maintenance.

Fifth, the experience is consistent, and the unified architecture and visual interface style are unified, which lowers the threshold of operation and maintenance and makes the service experience better.

Dang Yabin further pointed out that the new Lenovo Edge Super Fusion all-in-one will help customers simplify the deployment of edge cloud platforms and achieve rapid business launch with its convenient out-of-the-box experience and stable and reliable features. enable the intelligent transformation of manufacturing, energy, transportation, retail, medical and other industries.

In the future, Lenovo will continue to promote the development and popularization of edge computing technology, inject vitality into the intelligent road of many industries with practical actions, cast a new chapter of edge computing in the future, consolidate the complete capability of full-stack intelligence with comprehensive AI infrastructure portfolio and solutions, and let artificial intelligence benefit every enterprise.

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