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Security companies: a total of 26447 computer vulnerabilities worldwide have been disclosed this year as "the most in history", with hackers taking advantage of "less than 1 per cent"

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Shulou( Report--, December 20 (Xinhua)-- Security company Qualys today released a "2023 cyber threat security review" report, claiming that 26447 computer vulnerabilities were disclosed worldwide in 2023, "the highest in history" and 5.2% more than last year's 25050.

▲ Source Qualys Analysis report (the same below) learned from the report that among the disclosed vulnerabilities, more than 7000 vulnerabilities have "proof of concept utilization code" and are easy to be used by hackers for actual attacks.

Hacker groups LockBit and Clop are the most rampant this year, both using the "ransomware as a service" model to make money by attacking thousands of companies and making hundreds of millions of dollars worth of virtual currencies.

The "average time it takes for hackers to exploit" high-risk vulnerabilities in 2023 is about 44 days. However, the report points out that 25% of the vulnerabilities were exploited by hackers on the day of the release, and 75% of the vulnerabilities were exploited within 19 days after the release.

Of the 206vulnerabilities that have been identified, 32.5% are in the area of network infrastructure or Web applications, which are traditionally difficult to protect by conventional means.

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