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The tourist highway around Hainan Island is officially opened to traffic: a total length of 988 kilometers, running through 12 coastal cities and counties, including Haikou and Wenchang.

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! news on December 21, according to @ state-owned small news, China Railway South participated in investment, China Railway Bureau No. 2, the eighth Bureau, and the Beijing Bureau participated in the construction of Hainan Island Tourism Highway officially opened recently, marking the "National Coastal Scenic Road No. 1" to achieve full operation. learned that the tourist highway around Hainan Island runs through 12 coastal cities and counties and a state-level development zone, including Haikou, Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning, Lingshui, Sanya, Ledong, Dongfang, Changjiang, Danzhou, Lingao and Chengmai, and is organically connected with high-speed rail, high speed and national highway. the design is based on tourism function and supplemented by traffic function. About 1/5 of the whole line can see the sea, with a total length of 988km.

The tourist highway around the island of Hainan is designed in accordance with the principle of selecting routes and strings of scenery. Along the way, there are 9 types and 84 landscape areas, including 31 A-level scenic spots, 21 tourist resorts and 216 coastal scenic spots. To achieve "one step is a scene, move is to change the scene", initially formed a series of beautiful scenery of the island "pearl necklace".

Layout of post stations:

Haikou City: looking for the ancient in Donggang.

Wenchang City: seven stars crying Cui, Mulan Boguang, five dragons playing in the water, hugging tigers to listen to the waves, bronze drums to watch the sun, Dragon Tower for the moon, three more Bodhi.

Qionghai City: Liujin Jade Belt, Qingge Dragon Bay, Yuyuetan Gate.

Wanning City: big continent Yan cloth, flower horn beautiful, sun and moon chasing waves, Shan Qin Blue Dream, small sea dragon boat.

Lingshui County: Chunlan perfume, Tonggang fish lantern.

Sanya City: crabapple flower language, Yazhou red rhyme, coconut island heron song.

Ledong County: range Rover in Lingtou, Yingge singing at night, dragon habitat day by day.

Dongfang City: Golden Moon Caixia, Thanksgiving Tongtian, spoonbill four watch.

Changjiang County: majestic verve, idle chess pieces, sea tail watch.

Danzhou City: Yerong Jintan, Canghai Salt Ding, volcanic Coast, Evening Zhaoer, Silver Beach Pan Song.

Lingao County: the dream of Caiqiao and the ferry of Xiajiao.

Chengmai County: the first friend listens to Tao, potato fragrance Qiaotou, Dafeng ancient rhyme.

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