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Tipsy immediately on the weekend: Budweiser floating sparkling tea wine 1.98 yuan / can to explore a new low (Shang Chao 8 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [floating flagship store]

Budweiser sparkling Tea (3.5% Vol.) the daily price of 330ml*4 cans is 37.9 yuan, and you can get a coupon of 30 yuan today.

It actually pays 7.9 yuan for free delivery, which is equivalent to about 1.98 yuan per can to promote a new low:

Tmall Budweiser floating sparkling tea wine 330ml*4 can coupon after 7.9 yuan 30 yuan coupon including litchi duck shit fragrance * 2 + pomelo Ceylon black tea * 2.

This is not a traditional fruit juice + wine, but a combination of tea + wine, wind reviews compare two levels, mind taking carefully.

It is highly recommended to drink it chilled, it will improve the taste a lot.

Offline merchants exceed the spot sale of 8 yuan per can:

Production license No.: SC11542010500020

Factory name: Budweiser (Wuhan) Beer Co., Ltd.

Storage method: put it in a cool and dry place

Net content: 330mL

Degree: 3.5% Vol.

Consumption reminder: minors do not buy alcohol goods; pregnant women do not drink alcohol; do not drive after drinking.

Tmall Budweiser floats sparkling tea wine 330ml*4 voucher after receiving 30 yuan coupon

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