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2023 Chinese Internet "TOP50 track" user scale NO.1APP announced Xianyu reappeared on the list.

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Recently, third-party data organization QuestMobile "2023 China Internet Core Trends Annual report", Xianyu was once again included in the "2023 China Internet APPTOP50 track user scale NO.1" list, and with the increasing penetration among the new middle class, it has become the favorite mobile shopping APP in the "Internet new middle class users favorite AppTOP list".

It is reported that the China Internet TOP50 track list released by QuestMobile is based on the average size of monthly active users in 50 segments of industries, including instant messaging, integrated e-commerce and short video, from October 2022 to September 2023. Taobao, Wechat, Xianyu and other TOP1 are listed as subdivided tracks respectively. In fact, as an idle transaction and a lifestyle community that carries the interests of young people, Xianyu has been on the list for many years in a row.

(Xianyu re-entered the list of "2023 Chinese Internet TOP50 track users NO.1 App")

Unlike in previous years, the new middle class of the Internet has also attracted the attention of QuestMobile this year. The report studies the new middle class Internet users aged between 25 and 40 who live in third-tier cities or above and are more willing to spend online. The research shows that Xianyu has become the favorite mobile shopping APP for this group, with a penetration rate of 27.87% of monthly active users.

In May this year, Xianyu also released the latest user data, of which 22% were active users after 2000. The comparison of the two data also reflects that the age band of Xianyu's active users is constantly widening. Xianyu, who can help users make money and save money for users, has become the first choice for mobile shopping for more and more people of different ages and incomes.

(Xianyu was selected into the 2023 App TOP list of new middle-class Internet users in China.)

QuestMobile data show that the number of monthly active users of China Mobile Internet has exceeded 1.224 billion. By comparing the data of previous years, we can see that the number and proportion of active users in the idle trading industry represented by Xianyu have increased this year, of which the scale has increased by nearly 13% compared with the same period last year, which further confirms the growing public acceptance and participation in idle transactions.

After nine years of development, Xianyu has become a national-level platform with an average daily commodity release volume of 4 million and users exceeding 500 million. The continuous growth of the scale of users and the improvement of the community atmosphere have also brought broader development space for Xianyu. In November, Xianyu upgraded to the first-level business of Taotian Group and became one of Ali's first batch of strategic innovation business "four Little Dragons".

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