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Men's three treasures: green couplet DX4600 private cloud 1799 yuan promotion (double 2.5G port + N5105)

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Shulou( Report--

Lvlian private cloud DX4600 went on sale at the end of September 2022 with a daily price of 2799 yuan.

Today, urged Shuangdan to participate in the discount activities of RMB 2799-900. he got a coupon of RMB 100. he actually paid RMB 1799 for free delivery: Green Union private cloud DX46008G version of the empty version after the 1799 yuan coupon Green Union private cloud DX4600 is a four-disk design, equipped with Intel N5105 processor, equipped with dual 2.5G network ports.

Standard memory is 8GB, memory slots are reserved, and the upper limit can be extended to 16GB.

Supports two M.2 SSD slots, supports up to 4TB*2 strips, and mechanical hard disk slots support 20TB*4 strips. Green Alliance private cloud DX46008G version of the empty version after the 1799 yuan coupon

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