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Tongxin UOS Education Beijing area shines brilliantly-- inventory of 3 classic application cases!

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Case one

Tongxin Education helps Cuiwei Primary School in Haidian District of Beijing to create a full-letter teaching environment.

In order to promote the implementation of independent and controllable teaching content of information technology in China, Tongxin Software Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Haidian District Cuiwei Primary School (Hot Spring Campus) to achieve strategic cooperation to create a full-letter teaching environment.

The computer room of the electronic classroom is based on Huawei W515 Xinchuang desktop computer, and is equipped with a series of solutions, such as the UOS educational version operating system, the multimedia interactive classroom system and the network simultaneous interpretation system. It not only meets the teaching needs of the school, but also provides strong support for the teaching work of the school.

The cooperation between Tongxin Software and Cuiwei Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing is another important breakthrough in the field of education, which has injected new vitality into the application and development of domestic operating systems in the education industry.

In the tide of promoting the development and reform of information technology, Cuiwei Primary School in Haidian District of Beijing responded positively, courageously set the tide, started with educational informationization, constantly explored new teaching application models, and devoted itself to improving educational quality and promoting educational equity. we will continue to deepen the integration and innovation of information technology and education and teaching, and strive to create a model project for smart campuses and digital campuses.

Cuiwei Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing, founded in 1956, is a pilot school for the modernization of education in Haidian District, Beijing. Cuiwei Primary School takes "Mingde to Cui, practice in micro" as its motto, and adheres to the educational concept of "laying a happy life for every teacher and student". It is committed to cultivating modern primary school students with "Chinese heart, world outlook, world feelings" and "innovative spirit, practical ability, humanistic literacy and international vision".

◈ Tongxin Multimedia Interactive classroom system

Tongxin Multimedia Interactive classroom system is a kind of interactive teaching and demonstration software developed independently for teachers and students in digital classrooms. Through screen broadcast, electronic whiteboard, remote desktop, remote control, black screen, switch, remote command, file transfer and other functions to help teachers break through the traditional classroom space location restrictions, not only meet the communication between teachers and students in traditional classroom teaching, but also integrate the characteristics of ease and interaction of multimedia teaching, make classroom teaching rich and colorful, vivid, and effectively improve the teaching effect.

◈ advantage

Diverse teaching

Tongxin multimedia interactive classroom system makes use of rich modern teaching tools such as screen broadcast, electronic whiteboard and remote control to create a good classroom teaching environment for students. According to the students' mastery of knowledge and understanding ability, it provides a variety of teaching methods such as one-to-one tutoring for students with different understanding abilities.

Efficient management

Through the functions of remote one-button switch and remote command, the operation of shutting down, starting, restarting and executing commands of all student-side computers is realized, which solves the tedious problem of teachers operating each student-side computer alone, and improves the efficiency of classroom teaching. save classroom time.

Smooth interaction

The Tongxin multimedia interactive classroom system provides the functions of file transfer and submission, which provides convenience for teachers to view and receive homework files, and solves the difficulties of file transfer between teachers and students in traditional classroom teaching. the problems of poor timeliness and low efficiency of file transmission.

Simultaneous interpretation Restoration system of ◈ Unified Information Network

Tongxin Network simultaneous interpretation Restoration system is a professional computer room operation and maintenance management product, designed and developed to meet the needs of computer operation and maintenance management in middle and high-end computer rooms. The rapid deployment of complete computer room system and other teaching software is realized through extremely high-speed network simultaneous interpretation / incremental copy, which is fully in line with the current mainstream hard disk mode of SSD+HDD in school computer room.

The restoration scheme of Tongxin simultaneous interpretation is suitable for a variety of hardware environments (X86 / AMD64, MIPS Godson, ARM). It has a simple graphical interface for teachers to operate, and has the functions of system restore, network copy, remote setting and product maintenance between the main control terminal and the controlled terminal.

◈ advantage

Minimalist design, light experience

Tongxin Network simultaneous interpretation Restoration system will adopt interface design similar to UOS system style, classic and generous, more comfortable visual experience, and can switch interface theme display at the same time.

Multiple teaching application scenarios

The simultaneous interpretation and restoration system of Tongxin Network has planned the multi-point restoration technology, and the designer can create 30 "restore points", which are independent and related to each other. Administrators deploy the computer teaching environment in advance, or teachers switch temporarily during class, they can quickly complete and enter the required teaching scene by creating or switching restore points with one click, and the original hard disk data will not be destroyed.

Good compatibility

The simultaneous interpretation and restoration system of Tongxin network focuses on the integration of multi-hard disk management, compatible with mechanical hard disk and solid-state hard disk, and can restore and protect up to 64 hard drives at the same time, realizing omni-directional multi-environment maintenance and management.

Save time and effort

Provide network copy / incremental copy function, through the unique innovative high-speed compression technology, in the gigabit network environment, the maximum speed can reach 10GB / Min, that is, the deployment of a 60-seat standard computer room computer system software, may only take more than ten minutes.

Considerate post-maintenance function

For the later maintenance and management of the computer room, such as new computer software, or data cloning of multiple hard disks, replacement of new computers, etc., the Tongxin network simultaneous interpretation restoration system will provide a complete professional network cloning function. Achieve time-saving and labor-saving security deployment and maintenance.

Through the construction of the electronic classroom, we can comprehensively improve the equipment and facilities environment, teaching application, teaching management, cultural environment and teachers' literacy, and construct a teaching model of "teacher-led, student-oriented", centering on students' growth. fully respect the cognitive laws of students, and train socialist builders and successors with all-round development morally, intellectually, physically, and physically.

Case two

Tongxin Education helps Yuxin School affiliated to Capital normal University to build an efficient computer classroom

The official opening of the computer classroom of Yuxin School affiliated to Capital normal University marks another important layout of Tongxin software in the field of education.

The computer classroom as a whole is based on the Intel hardware environment, equipped with the UOS education version of the operating system, has been in normal operation and put into daily teaching, providing a stable, efficient and safe computer environment for teachers and students.

At the same time, the Education Division of Tongxin Software has made comprehensive instructional courseware resources for the use of the UOS operating system for schools to help teachers and students make better use of the UOS educational version of the operating system.

This move not only reflects the in-depth understanding and professional services of Uni-Credit Software to the education industry, but also shows its positive contribution to the construction of educational informatization.

Yuxin School affiliated to Capital normal University was established in August 1997, under the leadership and management of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, the Party Committee of Capital normal University and the Education Committee of Haidian District. Under the leadership of the school leadership and through the unremitting efforts of all teaching staff, all the work of the school has entered the advanced ranks of the urban area. The school adheres to the concept of student-centered, all-round development, quality education, openness and inclusiveness and innovation-driven education, which is recognized by the majority of parents and widely praised by the society, and is praised as "the rookie of Haidian education in the north of Haidian" by Zhao Jianzhong.

The educational version of Tongxin Desktop operating system is based on desktop application scenarios and supports laptops, desktops, all-in-one computers and workstations of mainstream domestic chip platforms. The system includes an original desktop environment, a number of self-developed applications, and many native applications from the open source community.

In terms of hardware, it can be compatible with mainstream models of terminal equipment released by Lenovo, Huawei, Tsinghua Tongfang, Great Wall, dawning, Aerospace Science and Industry, Chao, etc.; in terms of software, it can be compatible with common office applications released by manufacturers such as streaming, layout, electronic signatures, and other common office applications; in terms of peripherals, it can be compatible with mainstream printers, scanners, high-shot instruments, card readers and other hardware equipment.

The deployment of Tongxin UOS Education Edition operating system not only provides a stable and efficient operating environment for the computer classrooms of the New School affiliated to Capital normal University, but also provides rich educational resources and tools for teachers and students, which helps to improve teaching quality and efficiency.

In the future, Uni-Credit Software will continue to dig deep into the field of education, provide high-quality operating system solutions and services for more schools, and contribute to the development of educational informatization in China.

Case three

Tongxin Education helps Beijing Dongcheng District Education Science Research Institute to achieve smooth office experience

Beijing Dongcheng District Educational Science Research Institute successfully deployed Tongxin UOS Education Edition operating system, which is based on Huawei Xinchuang desktop and notebook hardware environment, and is equipped with Tongxin UOS operating system. This upgrade not only brings excellent office efficiency improvement, but also marks a new level of cooperation between the two sides in the field of intelligent education.

As an operating system that fully supports office, social, audio-visual entertainment, development tools, image processing and other types of operating system, Tongxin UOS successfully meets the diversified office needs of Dongcheng District Education and Science Research Institute with its strong compatibility and excellent performance. All basic office software, such as office WPS, Wechat, Tencent conference, WeCom, QQ, Google browser and other mainstream applications can run smoothly on Tongxin UOS, greatly improving daily work efficiency.

In order to ensure the smooth application of the system, Tongxin Software Technology Co., Ltd. also cooperated with Dongcheng District Education Science Research Institute to organize special training activities. Nearly 150 teachers participated in the training, the atmosphere was warm, and the teachers actively exchanged experiences. The technical team of Tongxin Software provides technical support and guidance throughout the process to ensure that every teacher is proficient in the skills of using the UOS operating system.

In the process of training, teachers responded enthusiastically to the UOS educational version of the operating system. One after another said that through this training, they not only mastered the operational skills of Tongxin UOS, but also deeply understood the advantages of the system in education and scientific research, teaching management, and so on.

The teacher on the spot said: "the UOS educational version of the operating system is indeed very suitable for educational and scientific research. Its interface design is simple and clear, and it is very convenient to operate. At the same time, many educational applications built in the system also provide us with rich teaching resources and tools, which greatly improve our work efficiency. In the future educational and scientific research work, Tongxin UOS will become our indispensable right-hand man."

The close cooperation between Beijing Dongcheng District Education Science Research Institute and Tongxin Software will undoubtedly inject new vitality into the field of intelligent education. By continuously promoting the innovation and application of information technology, the two sides will jointly contribute to the vigorous development of education in our country.

Looking to the future, Uni-Credit Software will continue to adhere to the concept of "customer first", constantly optimize product performance, and provide richer application scenarios and solutions. At the same time, the company will also strengthen communication and cooperation with partners in various industries to jointly promote the independent innovation and development of China's operating system.

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