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IDC estimates that China's AR / VR market will grow by 101% next year: due to the impact of Apple's entry, the manufacturer pattern will face a reshuffle.

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IT House, December 21, according to a recent report released by market research agency IDC, it is estimated that China's AR market will ship 240000 units in 2023, an increase of 133.9% over the same period last year, and that it will continue to maintain rapid growth in 2024, with a growth rate of 101.0%.

The report says shipments of the all-in-one AR are expected to be 35000 units in 2023, while those of the split AR (currently mostly connected to smartphones) are expected to ship 205000 units.

Split AR will still be the mainstream of the AR category, but it is worth noting that with the release of Qualcomm AR special chips and advances in optical waveguide technology, mainstream manufacturers will release or iterate integrated AR glasses one after another, and it is estimated that 60,000 units will be shipped in 2024, an increase of 68.5%.

IT House learned from the IDC report that after Apple launched the Vision Pro headset next year, the domestic supply chain accelerated and the cost of the display screen began to decline. The cost pressure of manufacturers begins to improve, and it is easier to achieve hardware profitability in the post-subsidy era. From the supply chain layout, in the whole machine assembly, image chip, display screen, speakers, batteries and other links, the proportion of domestic will continue to increase.

IDC believes that the pattern of manufacturers is facing a reshuffle. In the first three quarters of 2023, Pico accounted for 58.5% of shipments in China's VR market, ranking first in the first three quarters. Among AR market shipments, Xreal, Thunderbird and Rokid accounted for more than 70% of shipments, and the ranking changed from quarter to quarter.

This year is also a difficult year for Chinese AR / VR manufacturers, and several leading manufacturers have successively faced many difficulties, such as layoffs, structural adjustment, difficulties in capital chain, and even withdrawing from the market. In 2024, overseas leading manufacturers are expected to enter the Chinese market, Apple new products are strong, mobile phone manufacturers AR glasses are ready to launch, and the competition pattern of Chinese market manufacturers is full of variables.

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