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Toyota's wholly-owned subsidiary faked safety tests and completely suspended the sale of 64 affected models.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past, such as frankness, drowsiness, Real_ and West window. IT House, Dec. 21 (Xinhua)-- Daihatsu, a light vehicle brand owned by Japanese giant Toyota Motor, is embroiled in a safety scandal. The company announced on Wednesday that it will immediately stop shipments of all domestic and foreign vehicles after an independent investigation found problems with about 64 of its models, including 22 sold under the Toyota brand.

Tuyuan PexelsIT House noted that the scandal began in April when Dafa admitted falsifying side crash safety test data on 88000 small cars, most of which were sold under the Toyota brand. Since then, the independent mission conducted an in-depth investigation and revealed that the problem was far more serious than initially disclosed and could seriously damage the quality and safety reputation of Toyota and Dafa.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, the investigation found fraud in the safety tests of almost all Dafa cars in production and some out-of-production models. Dafa previously admitted that it discovered the problem after internal reports from employees and had notified regulators and stopped shipments of the affected models. In May, Dafa once again stopped selling Toyota Raize hybrid models and its own Rocky models because of problems.

Oping, president of Toyota's wholly-owned subsidiary Daihatsu Industries, held a press conference in Tokyo on the afternoon of December 20, admitting that there were violations in the safety testing of new cars, while suspending shipments of all models sold at home and abroad. Toyota also halted shipments of some models.

The report of the third-party committee investigating the quality violations of Dafa Company was released at the press conference. According to the report, the third-party committee found that Dafa had 174 false records in the documents, including not only cars of its own brand, but also cars supplied to Mazda and Subaru by OEM. Including Toyota and other brands of vehicles, there are violations of 64 models.

In addition to reviewing the certification process, Toyota said in a statement that "fundamental reforms" were needed to revive Daihatsu. A company spokesman pointed out that this is an "extremely important task that cannot be accomplished overnight," requiring not only a review of management and operations, but also a re-examination of the organizational structure.

Dafa produced 1.1 million cars in the first 10 months of this year, nearly 40 per cent of which came from overseas factories, according to Toyota. Over the same period, the company sold about 660000 cars worldwide, accounting for 7 per cent of Toyota's overall sales.

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