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The new Citroen e-SpaceTourer pure electric MPV is released with a maximum range of 350km.

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Shulou( Report-- December 21 news, Citroen's large MPV E-Spacetourer ushered in a comprehensive upgrade, not only replaced with a new appearance and interior, power system has also been optimized, electric mileage has been greatly increased.

In terms of appearance, the most striking aspect of the new E-Spacetourer is the front part: it uses the new Citroen retro logo, inspired by the classic design of 1919; the headlamp takes on a new look, and the daytime driving lamp LED light belt is highly recognizable. In addition, a variety of metal paint options and 17-inch alloy wheels are added to make it more stylish and dynamic.

The interior is also renovated and upgraded, with a standard 10-inch central control screen and 10-inch dashboard, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and optional mobile phone wireless charging, steering wheel heating and other functions. The cup holder has been redesigned to accommodate smartphones. A shift lever and a driving mode selector are added under the central touch screen.

Compared with older models, the pure electric E-Spacetourer offers only two body lengths: M (4.98m) and L (5.33m). Instead of offering three length options as before, individual users can choose 5-seat, 7-seat and 8-seat layouts, while business users can choose 5-9-seat layouts. It is worth mentioning that the "Business VIP Class" kit provides a rotatable second row of seats and a 7-seat layout, further improving ride comfort and flexibility.

E-Spacetourer also offers many details to improve practicality: the passenger seat can be fully folded for long items, and the second and third rows of seats can be split at 60:40 and can be slid, folded or completely removed. The L version provides an extra large storage space of up to 4554 liters after all the rear seats are removed. The side sliding door supports inductive opening, only need to shake the foot under the rear bumper, and the rear door of the trunk has a separate glass window.

The most important upgrade to the new E-Spacetourer is the powertrain: like the E-Traveller and Vivaro Electric, the new car is equipped with a new 75kWh battery with a maximum range of 350km, a big increase over the previous model. The 50kWh battery version is also available with a mileage of 224km.

Both battery versions are equipped with 136 horsepower motors and a new energy recovery system that controls three-gear adjustable strength through a shift pick on the steering wheel. E-Spacetourer standard 7.4kW car charger, optional 11kW version. Depending on the battery capacity, using 100kW DC fast charge, 0-80% charging time is between 38 and 45 minutes.

The new E-Spacetourer will go on sale in 2024 and the starting price is expected to be slightly higher than the current £37045 ( Note: currently about 335000 yuan).

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