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Microsoft Edge browser streamlines the F12 developer tool interface, bringing vertically arranged icons

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 (Xinhua) earlier this month, Microsoft launched a stable version of its Edge browser. With the launch of Edge 120, the company has also released a new design of the Edge DevTools developer tool interface (F12 shortcut key opens).

Today, Microsoft reviewed its changes and improvements to Edge DevTools in a blog post.

According to reports, the development team began to redesign Edge DevTools about two years ago, with the goal of simplifying the user interface of the application to make it easier to learn and use.

Some of these design elements have been included in earlier versions of DevTools, including the new welcome tool and the "more tools" button. In addition, developers can move tools more easily between the top and bottom toolbars.

The biggest addition to Edge DevTools is the launch of Edge 120 stable Edition, which is called "Activity Bar". Microsoft said:

Each tool is now reduced to an icon, and when there is enough space for the tool name and mouse over, the tool name will still be displayed. There are also a lot less distractions on the right side of the activity bar than before. In the past, DevTools sometimes displayed up to seven icons on the right, error, warning, and problem icons are now displayed on the appropriate tool icons, and Microsoft has reorganized the custom, feedback, and settings icons into only two menu items.

In addition, "Activity Bar" can also be changed into vertical display mode like web tabs, thus saving space at the top. Did guys notice?

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