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Google's Waymo released an investigation report on self-driving, claiming that "the accident rate of self-driving cars is 85% lower than that of human beings."

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Shulou( Report--, December 21 (Xinhua)-- General Motors' Cruise and Google's Waymo previously deployed a large number of self-driving cars in San Francisco, but Cruise suffered frequent safety accidents that eventually led to a complete suspension.

Affected by the Cruise incident, Waymo published a survey report on its own driving system. collated the relevant data and information as follows:

It is reported that Waymo calls its own driving system "Waymo Driver", which claims to achieve the "level 4" autopilot capability. Waymo has provided 700000 passenger services so far this year, covering 7.14 million miles (11.4907 million km) in the United States, including 5.34 million miles (8.5939 million km) in Phoenix, 1.76 million miles (2.8324 million km) in San Francisco and 46,000 miles (7.403 km) in Los Angeles.

▲ Tuyuan Waymo blog (the same below) Waymo claims that there are 0.41 mild or serious accidents for every million miles driven by their own unmanned cars, while 2.78 accidents for human drivers per million miles, which shows that "the accident rate of Waymo unmanned vehicles is 85% lower than that of human drivers." Even "according to police accident reports," Waymo unmanned cars cause only 2.1 accidents per million miles.

However, Waymo stressed that although its own self-driving system is safer than human drivers, the company is still comprehensively improving the system, continuing to reduce the accident rate and avoiding Cruise-like dilemmas.

In addition, inquired about the report of Tesla Company in the fourth quarter of last year, Tesla claimed that American human drivers will have an accident every 625,000 miles (about 1.05 million kilometers), while Tesla's car with Autopilot will only have an accident every 4.85 million miles (about 7.81 million kilometers).

▲ source Tesla Automobile official website

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