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Final Evaluation of Road performance in the final stage of the Seventh Beijing Cultural and Creative Competition

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Shulou( Report--

The 7th Beijing Cultural and Creative Competition, sponsored by Beijing State-owned Cultural assets Management Center, Beijing Cultural Industry Promotion Center and Beijing Gehua Media Group Co., Ltd., was successfully held from December 3 to December 10. 138 outstanding projects compete in six professional tracks, including cultural and creative product development, cultural and creative projects, creative design services, original screenplay creation, new audio-visual content innovation and the integration of culture and science and technology. They use a unique perspective, innovative thinking, staged a wonderful "peak duel". The participating projects deeply excavate Chinese traditional cultural resources and cultural resources with Beijing characteristics, pay close attention to the orientation of the core functions of the capital, integrate elements such as history and culture, folk customs and urban features into the works, and create unique cultural products and services. whether it is science and technology empowering culture, or culture nurturing technology, creativity makes the two complement each other, fully demonstrating the profound heritage and innovative spirit of Beijing culture. It shows the innovative power of the vigorous development of "Beijing Culture"!

Value leads science and technology to tell a good Chinese story.

Xiang Yong, director of the new audio-visual content innovation track

Xiang Yong

Doctor of Management, Peking University, Professor, School of Arts, Peking University

Director of the Institute of Cultural Industry of Peking University and chief expert of the Institute of Cultural inheritance and Innovation of Peking University

He has successively presided over more than 20 major key projects of the National Social Science Fund and dozens of local cultural industry development plans.

The entries closely follow the overall layout of "one core, one city, three belts and two zones" for the construction of the National Cultural Center in Beijing, focusing on excellent Chinese traditional culture and regional characteristics, combined with emerging technologies such as AR / VR / XR, artificial intelligence, spatial positioning, integrated control, virtual production, smart wear, etc., to create a number of fully perceptual, digital and real new audio-visual scene experience creative works. These works are oriented to historical dialogue, take the inheritance and innovation of excellent Chinese traditional culture as the responsibility of the times, abide by the subjective value and identity value of Chinese culture, and express the elegant demeanor of the times of building a socialist advanced cultural capital. Show China's cultural charm and innovative strength to the world.

Cultural heritage and IP design make cultural and creative products more vitality

Jin Xin, director of Wenchuang product development track.

Jin Xin

Founder of Chicken Kaoji and partner of Comey's life.

Member of China Democratic League, executive director of China copyright Association, vice chairman of color sculpture professional committee of China Fine Arts Association, executive director of Tourism Chamber of Commerce of all-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

The participating projects not only have the uniqueness of creativity, but also pay more attention to the industrial chain links such as operation and sales, so that the creativity can really fall to the ground and enter the public life. Imperial Palace cat, Grand Canal culture, aerospace IP, non-heritage culture and other resources not only inject cultural connotations into cultural and creative products, make them more vitality and market competitiveness, but also expand the commercial space of literature, tourism, catering and entertainment across the border, narrow the distance with consumers, and make culture "alive", products "interesting" and traditional "tide".

Shouzheng, innovative and cultural empowerment industry has a broad prospect.

Zhou Guangming, judge of the track of cultural and creative projects

Zhou Guangming

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Digital Culture Group

Long-term commitment to the transformation, application, digital display and dissemination of science and technology and digital technology in culture and tourism

Deeply participate in the implementation of the national cultural digitization strategy and the construction of the national cultural big data system.

Many projects are based on the excavation, deepening, promotion and transformation of traditional culture, through the innovation of products and technologies, so that traditional culture can be more widely spread and effectively inherited. At the same time, the integration of culture and science and technology, the integration of culture and tourism, the integration of culture and sports, and the revitalization and integration of culture and countryside, these projects have not only artistic value, but also market value, injecting new impetus into the development of the cultural industry and showing the broad prospects of the cultural empowerment industry. It is believed that under the promotion of the competition, the cultural industry will continue to maintain innovation and development vitality, and inject new momentum into the high-quality development of the cultural industry in the capital.

"Design + artificial Intelligence" promotes the Integration of Industry and Life

Chen Dongliang, the person in charge of the creative design service track

Chen Dongliang

Invited Vice President of China Industrial Design Association, founded Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Center in 1995.

Long-term commitment to policy research, design practice, industry promotion and international exchanges.

Successively founded Beijing DRC Industrial Design Creative Industry Base, China Design Red Star Award, Beijing International Design week and so on.

The project of the road show in the final of the creative design service track shows the remarkable characteristics of "design + artificial intelligence", covers different fields, and plays an important role in improving design efficiency, personalized customization, industry assistance and so on. First, based on the application of generative AI technology in the design industry and other fields, such as AIGC design tool platform for industrial products, cultural creation and product packaging, the design scheme is generated automatically through artificial intelligence technology, which greatly improves the design efficiency and meets the needs of personalized customization. The second is the customized Internet platform design project based on resource integration, such as applied to life experience space, agriculture + cultural travel, healthy and convenient services, etc., to integrate resources, provide more convenient services, and enhance user experience. Third, design helps "sophisticated" industrial projects, such as robots, information services, medical equipment, etc., which combine artificial intelligence with advanced technology, providing strong support for the development of high-end industries. The fourth is to design products that integrate people's life and are closely related to people's clothing, food, housing, transportation, and a better life, combining artificial intelligence with daily life, allowing science and technology to come into life and become a part of culture, so that creativity can be realized infinitely, and lay a solid foundation for the development of the cultural industry.

New space, new power, new script.

Polish the cultural business card of "seeing Beijing in the Great Drama"

Lin Weiran, director of the original screenplay track

Lin Weiran

First-class screenwriter, teacher of the Central Academy of Drama, former editor-in-chief of New script magazine

There are "four groups" of talents in the literary and art sector of the propaganda, ideological and cultural system in Beijing

Engaged in stage drama, film and television drama creation and criticism, won a number of national and provincial and ministerial awards.

The team of college students and start-ups participated enthusiastically in the original screenplay competition road performance project. The themes of the college student team's entries involve many aspects such as university life, ideals, life thinking and so on, showing the creative passion and youthful vitality of Beijing college students, while the entries of start-ups focus more on real life. it shows that young drama creators pay attention to the expression of individual life experience, their attention to social issues and their keen capture of the development trend of the drama performance market.

The two new directions of new space for performing arts and artificial intelligence-assisted writing are outstanding, and there is no lack of creative scripts that are "tailor-made" for the new space for performing arts. I hope that through this competition, we can dock the project with the market and make it fall to the ground. The purpose of AI-assisted writing is to give creators a wider space for innovation and imagination through the rational use of AI technology, so that the content of dramatic art creation is richer and the dimensions are more diverse. In order to promote the construction of the capital of Beijing performing arts and the national cultural center, we will continue to polish the cultural business card of "seeing Beijing in the Great Drama" and contribute "cultural creativity".

"Culture + Science and Technology" promotes the High-quality Development of Cultural Industry in the Capital

Qiu Jizhong, director of the track for the integration of culture, science and technology.

Qiu Jizhong

Executive Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Design Society and member of Beijing Municipal Culture Committee of China Democratic League

He is also deputy secretary-general of customized economy branch of China Business Economics Association and corporate vice president of Beijing Mentougou Cultural and Creative Industry Association.

The track for the integration of culture and technology highlights the market application of the integration of technology and culture. The entries demonstrate the outstanding achievements of advanced digital technology in creativity, production and dissemination, as well as AIGC technology to provide new scenes for literature and travel products, e-commerce retail, audio-visual production, foreign education and other fields. These projects closely combine cutting-edge technology with creativity, opening up unlimited possibilities for market application, thus giving birth to new experiences and new consumption, highlighting the deep cross-border integration of technology empowering culture and culture shaping the soul of science and technology. In the future, general artificial intelligence will enable more industries and form a new engine for incremental development. Through the blessing of artificial intelligence technology, we will explore new business models and innovative services, and further strengthen the deep integration of culture and science and technology. Seek new paths, achieve new breakthroughs, stimulate new momentum and promote the high-quality development of the cultural industry in the capital!

The Seventh Beijing Cultural and Creative Competition is based on the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, taking advantage of the east wind of the "Beijing Cultural Forum" to help build a socialist cultural power in all directions, with the primary task of promoting the high-quality development of the capital's cultural industry. According to the standards of high-level, high-level and effectiveness, we will create a highland for cultural exchange and cooperation with cutting-edge culture and creativity, innovation and wisdom. We will continue to promote the integration of cultural resources, creative talent resources and major event resources in Beijing, demonstrating the strong strength of the national cultural center.

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