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Ant consumer financial chart technology anti-fraud application won the award: the time to find fraud is reduced by an average of 10 times

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On December 21, at the 11th Digital Finance Conference of Zhongguancun Forum, Ant Group graph rule mining was applied in credit anti-fraud active prevention and control, and obtained an excellent case of financial science and technology application scene innovation in 2023.

At the scene of the conference, Wang Zhe, head of risk control technology in the consumer finance division of Ant Group, said that ants have carried out large-scale production of graphic technology in the consumer credit anti-fraud business scenario, and the ability of automatic risk control has been increased by 25%. It is found that the average time of fraud is reduced by more than 10 times, effectively preventing and controlling the occurrence of large-scale risks.

▲ figure: ant Group Map Technology Credit Anti-Fraud Application won the "2023 excellent case of Financial Technology Application scenario Innovation" with the improvement of the level of digital financial services, fraud risk presents two major characteristics: first, with the popularity of mobile, the customers touched by financial services show an exponential increase, and the fraud risk also increases; second, fraud develops from individual fraud to aggregate fraud. Fraud methods have also become more complex and covert, resulting in a surge of pressure on risk control.

The reporter learned that the anti-fraud prevention and control capability of the map technology explored by Ant Group, on the one hand, through the analysis of the data of tens of millions of high-quality merchants and hundreds of millions of buyers on the platform, formed a behavior map, and achieved to improve the efficiency and accuracy of each link of identification. On the other hand, because of the high complexity of the anti-fraud algorithm, ants turn a problem into a polynomial time problem through the heuristic algorithm, which reduces the computational complexity and becomes a solvable problem.

"in addition, we match the data with a long period of 3 to 6 months to make the data stable and reliable, so as to achieve a specific and accurate match to the population." Wang Zhe said.

▲ figure: ant Group Wang Zhe shared "the Application of Graph Technology in Financial Anti-Fraud" at the Digital Financial Conference. People in the industry pointed out that in recent years, relationship graph technology has become a hot technology to solve gang fraud and information forgery in the field of credit anti-fraud. Ant Group relies on graph technology mining ability and computing advantages to achieve accurate coverage of a large amount of data analysis and population. The problems of concealment and dilution in the anti-fraud scene are solved.

It is reported that since 2020, the excellent case Competition of China's Financial Science and Technology Application scene Innovation has been recognized by social and industry professional institutions, and the selected cases are gradually becoming reference materials for regulatory departments, financial institutions and technology enterprises. and teaching and research materials of colleges and universities at home and abroad. This year's excellent cases stand out from more than 230 cases across the country, covering digital technology services, digital finance, risk management and other fields.

Wang Zhe said that credit fraud not only needs to guard against known risks, but also needs to mine unknown anomalies, analyze them, and find new fraud patterns for prevention and control, so as to form the ability of continuous attack and defense confrontation. in the future, Ant Group will continue to improve the performance and effectiveness of graph mining and guard against risks through technical means.

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