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Comfort, intelligence and safety are all in one, and the new M7 is the first choice for car purchase.

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With the rapid development of the intelligent car era, the new M7 stands out in the market and becomes the leader in the field of new energy vehicles with its advanced technology and innovative design. The new M7 has not only achieved remarkable results with 100,000 sales, but also won the favor and recognition of consumers with its advanced intelligent driving system and comprehensive safety protection. This model represents the latest achievements of intelligent car technology and shows the potential and direction of automobile development in the future.

Smart enough to travel more at ease

In the field of smart cars, the new M7's HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-level intelligent driving system marks the arrival of a new era. The core of this system lies in its advanced intelligent driving technology, which can adapt to all kinds of road conditions in both urban and rural areas, and realize the real intelligent navigation of non-map area. This means that the new M7 can provide an efficient and safe driving experience anywhere, whether in busy urban areas or remote country roads.

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 system uses lidar and multi-sensor fusion technology, combined with BEV+GOD2.0 and RCR2.0 network, to realize the full scene and full speed domain accurate recognition of dynamic and static targets. On urban roads, the new M7 can automatically follow cars, change lanes and easily deal with complex intersections. On the highway, it automatically maintains a safe distance from the car in front and automatically selects the best lane according to the navigation, making long-distance driving easy and enjoyable.

The Hongmeng intelligent cockpit 3.0 of the new M7 takes the intelligent experience to a whole new level. The super desktop function provides drivers with a wealth of audio and video entertainment options, while the omni-directional adaptive adjustment function can automatically adjust seat angle and volume settings according to the driver's habits and needs to ensure a personalized and comfortable experience. The one-click booking function allows drivers to preset the car environment, including temperature, music and seat position, by using their mobile phone before departure, providing drivers with tailored travel preparation.

The voice interaction service of Xiaoyi Wisdom Assistant provides drivers with convenient access to information and service booking, whether it is weather inquiry, navigation or food ordering, all operations become simple and convenient. HUAWEI MagLink smart car screen system realizes the convenience of Huawei tablet hanging and connecting, and promotes the in-car experience to the level of home-like intelligence through the coordination of multiple devices.

The New Standard of Intelligent Security: the Comprehensive Guardian of the New M7

In the current wave of rapid development of intelligent vehicles, the new M7 stands on the "ceiling" of intelligent security because of its innovative safety performance. This model focuses on the perfect combination of intelligent technology and safety performance, providing a full range of reassuring travel experience. The design concept of the new M7 not only attaches importance to comfort and convenience, but also regards security as the core element to ensure that every trip is a safe trip.

The integration of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 high-level intelligent driving system makes the new M7 show excellent safety performance in both intelligent driving and human driving mode. This system integrates advanced lidar and a variety of sensors, can achieve omni-directional active anti-collision and automatic emergency braking, and provides unprecedented safety protection for drivers.

The lidar system of the new M7 provides a full range of real-time environmental awareness, these "vehicle eyes" can accurately sense the dynamic changes of the surrounding environment, and provide solid data support for intelligent driving. The data collected by these sensors are sent to the "brain of the vehicle", the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 system, which uses advanced algorithms to quickly process information to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of each driving decision.

The automatic emergency braking function in case of emergency is one of the safety highlights of the new M7. This function can respond quickly when the collision risk is detected, automatically slow down or stop, so as to effectively avoid or reduce the collision. The combination of active safety function and passive safety performance provides all-round safety guarantee for drivers and passengers.

In order to let more consumers experience the smart driving and safety performance of the new M7, the official also launched a special time-limited discount activity, as of December 31, 2023, car owners can enjoy an one-time purchase of HUAWEI ADS 2.0 urban smart driving high-end package limited time promotion price of 18000 yuan (the original price is 36000 yuan). If the car owner also enjoys 15000 yuan of high-grade package deduction rights, both can be applied. This event provides unprecedented discounts, making the HUAWEI ADS 2.0 urban smart driving high-end package more friendly to the people. This promotion not only reduces the cost of buying cars for consumers, but also shows manufacturers' determination to popularize smart driving technology.

Generally speaking, with its excellent intelligent safety performance and preferential market strategy, the new M7 is redefining the safety standards of smart vehicles, laying a solid foundation for the arrival of the era of intelligent travel. Whether it is safety, intelligence or performance-to-price ratio, the new M7 has shown unparalleled advantages and has become a bright star in the intelligent car market.

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