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The founder of Tianya said that it will restart next year and will launch the official live broadcast and Tianya Divine paste.

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Shulou( Report-- December 21 news, in April this year, due to arrears of 10 million server fees of Hainan Telecom, Tianya Forum was cut off. Xing Ming, founder and chairman of Tianya, revealed Tianya's "self-rescue plan" in an interview: salvaging hundreds of millions of sunken users live and coruscating Tianya's yesterday's brilliance with goods, according to nine schools of finance and economics.

Centering on the live broadcast business and e-commerce strategy, Xing Ming revealed that according to the plan, the official live broadcast will start after New Year's Day; on March 1 next year, when Tianya Community celebrates its 25th anniversary, Tianya platform will officially restart.

Song Zheng, a former No. 1 employee, and enthusiastic netizens launched a self-rescue live broadcast of "restart Tianya for seven days and seven nights" after Tianya was cut off, but only raised 150000 yuan, reported earlier. Since then, Tianya has no longer authorized external live streaming. Xing Ming said that after the live broadcast, Tianya began to prepare its own official live broadcast.

Xing Ming also revealed that the official version of Tianya Divine paste will be launched after the platform is restarted, as one of the membership products to provide users with the real Tianya essence. After Tianya stopped visiting, the business of major platform merchants peddling "Tianya divine stickers" was booming, and it is rumored that some merchants earned more than ten thousand dollars a month by reselling Tianya divine stickers.

Xing Ming also revealed Tianya's longer-term strategic plan: after the customs closure of Hainan Island at the end of 2025, a new tax-free e-commerce model will be launched offline; based on the birth of thousands of novels and a rich copyright library of Tianya, it may even be combined with AI in the future to quickly turn some of the content into short plays.

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