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Xiaomi intelligent dehumidifier 13L on the shelf: running sound 35 dB, 3L water tank, the initial price is 749 yuan

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! According to news on December 21, Xiaomi launched a rice intelligent dehumidifier 13L in today, featuring "mute + large dehumidification". It sells for 799 yuan and gets 749 yuan for an appointment.

According to officials, the dehumidifier weighs 11.1kg, is equipped with a real-time temperature digital display screen, has a "hidden universal wheel", is equipped with three dehumidification modes, has a daily dehumidification capacity of 13L, runs a sound 35dB, supports 360-degree wide-angle air outlet, and can meet 10-hour continuous dehumidification requirements.

In addition, this dehumidifier supports Mijia App and Xiao Ai control, supports scheduled start and stop and remote switching of various dehumidification modes.

The parameter information of dehumidifier attached to is as follows: Mijia intelligent dehumidifier 13L first launch discount 50 yuan 749 yuan direct link

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