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Tongxin Desktop Intelligent Assistant is unveiled: upgrade UOS AI v1.1 to connect with mainstream models at home and abroad.

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Shulou( Report--, December 21, December 20, 2023 operating system Industry Conference and Tongxin UOS Ecological Conference with the theme of "Evolution to the Future" was held in the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center.

At this conference, Tongxin Software officially released UniCredit UOS AI v1.1, and signed the "Lighthouse Plan" with a number of large model partners.

According to the official introduction, UOS AI V1.0 realized the unified management of large models, completed the adaptation of five mainstream large models, and successfully integrated into the local model. In addition, browsers, global search, mailboxes, open writing and other applications are fully connected to UOS AI, realizing the intelligent upgrade of the application experience.

UOS AI v1.1 brings a newly upgraded desktop intelligent assistant that supports natural language interaction, covering 40 + scenarios such as opening applications, setting system functions, creating schedules, etc., and supports knowledge Q & A, content creation, etc.

At the same time, UOS AI v1.1 supports cloud-side and end-side model access, online access to major models at home and abroad, including Baidu Qianfan, iFLYTEK Spark, Zhisu, 360local models such as life pictures, voice, natural language search, image processing, picture classification, and so on.

In terms of application access, 10 + applications have been connected to UOS AI, and UOS AI provides AI capability support to each application through local model and online model. Facing the brand-new programming environment, the self-developed and eco-oriented integrated development environment deepin-IDE not only contains the common functions of IDE, but also supports AI programming assistant, a variety of compatible protocols, multiple development languages, code version management integration and so on.

In addition, in order to better empower ecological partners to carry out application development, UOS AI API 1.0 is officially opened, which claims to be the first system-level AI application development framework in China, providing system-level AI interface for AI application development. Through the UOS AI unified interface, configuration-free applications can obtain the AI capabilities of popular models, including text chat, graphics processing, speech recognition and synthesis. learned from the Ecological Conference that Uni-Credit signed the "Lighthouse Project" with major model ecological partners such as Zhisu, iFLYTEK and 360Group, which aims to jointly promote the application and innovative development of AI technology in various industries.

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