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Shulou Express pilot "next morning arrival", arrive at 8 o'clock at the earliest

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Shulou( Report--, December 21, Logistics announced today that Express has now started the first batch of personal delivery limitation and speed-up programs. Users can enjoy the experience of "second Morning arrival" when placing orders through Mini Program and App channels on some routes in nine provinces, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, as well as between major cities in the Yangtze River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Officials said that the door-to-door pick-up time of Express has been extended to 23:00 at the latest. If there is an urgent need from the recipient, Express will also encrypt the morning delivery frequency, which can be delivered to the recipient as early as 8: 00. In the follow-up, the service scope of "next morning arrival" will continue to be expanded.

The person in charge of Express said that this time, more measures should be taken to increase speed at the same time-- relying on the multi-level warehouse network layout of logistics in the country, to create a cost-effective express network that connects the north to the north and the whole country; through the continuous investment of air and railway, land transportation, hub and other resources, as well as optimizing the connection between transshipment and the last kilometer at the end, we will continue to enhance the fast efficiency capability of the express delivery network. Upgrade personalized delivery services such as night collection and morning delivery to meet the subdivided needs of different consumers for express delivery.

At present, has not yet found the specific list of 9 provinces and cities in the first batch of pilot "second Morning arrival" of Express.

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