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Microsoft confirms that it will remove Windows Mixed Reality from Windows system

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Thanks to netizen Coje_He for the clue delivery!, December 21 (Xinhua)-- Microsoft officially announced today that its support for Windows Mixed Reality, once ambitious Microsoft mixed reality platform, will be removed from future versions of Windows. noted that earlier this year, Microsoft disbanded the Windows Mixed Reality, AltspaceVR and MRTK teams and announced the suspension of AltspaceVR operations and MRTK development. Microsoft didn't reveal the future of Windows Mixed Reality at the time, but now Microsoft has a clear answer.

As part of the removal plan, Mixed Reality Portal applications, Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR, and SteamVR Beta will all be phased out. This means that Windows Mixed Reality currently installed on Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems will disappear in the coming months.

Microsoft had hoped that Windows Mixed Reality would create a new computing paradigm that seamlessly integrates virtual reality and augmented reality. In 2017, Microsoft launched a series of head display and controllers, hoping to attract developers and consumers with its people-friendly price and ease of use. However, six years later, Microsoft had to admit the failure of the platform, low sales, lack of content and negative reviews, Windows Mixed Reality finally had to exit sadly. Although Microsoft entered the market early and developed a grand blueprint, it failed to stimulate enough market interest and enthusiasm.

Apple is about to launch its hybrid reality headline Vision Pro and operating system VisionOS in February 2024, and Apple's entry is reminiscent of iPhone and iOS in 2007, when Apple upended the mobile industry and left Microsoft far behind. At that time, Microsoft also had its own Windows Mobile operating system, which once had a considerable market share, but eventually lost its competitiveness due to Apple's innovation and user experience.

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