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DJI Air 3 and Mini 4 Pro release new firmware, flight-assisted images are online

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to the suitcases of netizens, independent photographers, and the clues delivered by Yun Nai and Yun! December 21, DJI announced today that DJI Air 3 and DJI Mini 4 Pro have released new firmware, new flight assistance images, and a number of functional updates.

The flight auxiliary image can provide visual assistance in the front, back, left and right directions, and the obstacles in different directions on the flight route can be presented intuitively by tapping the screen to switch the perspective.

Mini 4 Pro added omni-directional intelligent follow added automatic mode, you only need to select the follow target, Mini 4 Pro can automatically plan and execute the follow track.

Other features are updated as follows:

5 consecutive 4800-megapixel photos are supported.

Support for 5 consecutive 4800-megapixel photos in AEB mode.

Added 1200 megapixel photo mode 3x digital zoom.

Add visual positioning and obstacle avoidance switch.

Air 3 adds omni-directional intelligent following, combined with omni-directional visual perception system and 3x medium telephoto camera, which can make more interesting protagonist movies for you. When using tracking mode, you not only have a custom space for the flight path, but also easy to control. You only need to slide out the desired flight path on the control compass to allow the Air 3 to orbit, approach and distance around you. In automatic mode, Air 3 can continuously plan and adjust the flight path according to the flight environment, automatically completing the following mirror such as encircling, tapering, following, spiraling and so on.

Other features are updated as follows:

Added 1200 megapixel photo digital zoom function.

Add visual positioning and obstacle avoidance switch.

Added spherical panoramic photography function of medium and long focal length camera.

ESIM is supported for switching between carriers.

5 consecutive 4800-megapixel photos are supported.

Support for 5 consecutive 4800-megapixel photos in AEB mode.

Added AR return point, AR return trajectory, AR near-ground projection function.

Added support for DJl Goggles 2, DJI Flying glasses Integrated Edition, DJI Crossing Rocker 2.

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