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Intel's plan to cut costs continues to move forward, and California cuts another 311 jobs

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Shulou( Report-- December 21, California Department of Employment and Development recently received notice from Intel that the company will cut 311 jobs in the Santa Clara and Folsom parks. This is part of a massive cost reduction strategy launched by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger last year to cope with the impact of falling market demand.

Touyuan: Intel's layoffs, which will affect about 76 employees at Santa Clara headquarters and about 235 employees at Folsom Park, are expected to begin at the end of this year. notes that this is not the first time Intel has reduced its California workforce. The company made similar layoffs in August, firing 89 people in Folsom and 51 in San Jose. Folsom R & D Center alone has laid off nearly 500 people this year, together with this 235, the total number of layoffs will exceed 700.

The Folsom base undertakes a number of Intel research and development tasks, such as designing solid state drives, graphics processors, software and chipsets. After Intel spun off its 3D NAND and solid-state drive businesses in 2021, some of the experts were transferred to Solidigm and some were fired. The layoffs touched experts in areas such as GPU software, which came as a surprise to many people. At present, Intel has not made an official statement on the jobs involved in the latest layoffs.

The job cuts are part of a larger reduction plan launched by Intel more than a year ago by CEO Gelsinger. The plan responds to a sharp drop in demand for the company's products and aims to re-examine operational and financial strategies. It is worth noting that although demand has recovered since the implementation of the plan, cost reduction measures continue.

An Intel spokesman told the media: "Intel is working to accelerate the implementation of the strategy while reducing costs by including the downsizing of specific personnel in some businesses and functions." The company stressed that it still has about 13000 employees in California and continues to invest in manufacturing in the United States. However, its manufacturing operations are mainly distributed in other states such as Arizona, New Mexico and Oregon.

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